Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


The Grandfather Tree
Han, Doctor of Chiropractic.
Penang, Malaysia

Five years ago, I went to South Wales to study chiropractic. Having spent all my life in SE Asia, I went to the most remote part of Wales without any friend. Studying in a 'quiet' course in a quiet part of the UK and leaving all my friends behind, it felt like leaving a life I had known. Needless to say, I was very lonely and due to my timid nature, I didn't make much friends. 

By Easter, we had 3 weeks of holiday and everyone left the campus for friends and family. I stayed behind due to the cost of flight. Depressed with regular anxiety attacks, I started to run in the small hill at the back of the campus. It was then when I felt drawn to sit under one of the trees. It was late spring and the greens were sprouting. Suddenly, I found myself hugging a huge tree and in my mind, I heard an invitation to cry my feelings out.

As I did, I felt an ice cold sensation being drawn out from my heart and I felt a union with the tree which felt like a grandfather-ly energy to me. I was then shown in my mind that trees are extension of Mother Earth and that they channelled Her Life Force for those on the surface. That was pretty much all I could recall but since then when I need to some quiet moments, I would always go back to the Grandfather Tree.


Mystery of the West Coast Trees
Michelle Frost, Writer
Moray, Scotland

The first time I travelled to the West coast of Scotland with my husband, we drove through a pine forest. I was watching the trees zoom by when I started to hear a noise. It was a bit like ringing in your ears, but it sounded like thousands of voices singing a single note. It was a very deep OHM, like Tibetan monks chant. It was mesmerizing.

As we moved out of the forest the sound faded. Then, as we drove through a forestry area of seedlings, a new sound started up. This note was a much higher pitch, like an "aaah" sung by a choir of schoolboys or a flute playing 'A'.

Three years later, we took a day trip to Skye. On the way home we went along the coast, through trees and... there it was again! That feeling that the trees were aware and calling. I was half dozing in the car when I felt this feeling on my face, like lightest fingertips. I knew it was the trees showing me how wind feels in your leaves and branches.

We turned a corner and up ahead was a huge old Scots pine. I tried focusing completely on that tree, to see what wind in pine trees feels like, and I got this picture in my mind of birds in its branches and it was TICKLY. I felt prickly-itchy-scratchy irritable. It was so funny, meeting an irritable tree that doesn't like birds, that I nearly burst out laughing.


Message from The Banyan Tree
Oliver Sayson, Education Officer

I was drawn to an old Banyan tree during Oribel's Nature Communication Workshop. As I approached the tree, I got the impression that this tree was similar to "Grandmother Willow" from "Pocahontas", or the "Tree of Souls" from "Avatar". 

As I arrived under its hanging roots, I had goosebumps. And I felt a sense of calm wash over me. Here is my conversation with the tree: 

Me:   (Sigh)... Where do I start? 
Tree:   Start at the beginning. 
Me:   When were you here? 
Tree:   I was here when this was a vast piece of land. When it hadn't been converted to a park. 
Me:   Do you have a purpose here? 
Tree:   My roots dangle down to the ground, feeling every pulse of the earth. I know things firsthand. Then I disseminate the news to the others. I am a storehouse of information. 
Me:   I had goosebumps when I came. I feel very calm under your presence. 
Tree:  My energy runs deep within you. Your nerves need to be calmed down. 
Me:  Do you have any messages you want to share? 
Tree:   Humanity is lost. It needs guidance. Reconnect to your roots. [At this point I caught sight of the hanging roots again; the tree was emphasising its roots.] 
Me:   How do we do that? 
Tree:   Trust in Mother Nature for she is our guiding light. 

I thanked the Banyan tree, grateful that I made a connection...

The banyan tree is located next to the Frangipani Walk,

to the South of the Band Stand, at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


Valentine's Tree Love
Suzan Elizabeth Hale, Singer, Music Therapist
Malvern, England

Whitleaved Oak at the southern end of the Malvern Hills in England is a tree that is very special to me. I first read about it in a book called The Twelve Tribe Nation: The Science of Enchanting the Landscape by British authors John Michell and Christine Rhone. 

They stated that this was at or near the centre of the ancient perpetual choirs that sang 24 hours a day for the purpose of Enchanting the Land. As a singer/music therapist this fueled my imagination. I knew that on one of my trips to the UK I would go there. I have always felt a deep love and sense of home in England and had visited many ancient trees. The trees told me they would bring me to England. 

In 2010 I created a global event called Earth Day-Sing for the Trees and posted it on Facebook. One of the people who sang was a man named Ian who wrote me a very moving letter about his experiences during the day that he sang to 3 ancient trees. He sent me pictures of the trees and they called to me. 

In early spring of 2011 I visited the UK. We arranged to meet. He took me to Whiteleaved Oak and we now are married and live within 10 miles of this 1,000 year old tree that is covered with ribbons and offerings. The tree gave us our wedding vows and we visit often together and with groups. In 2012 it was the focal point of my own Earth Day-Sing for the Trees celebration. I re-dedicated it as a centre of the perpetual choirs. Ian and I sing often to the trees and are researching other sites relating to the perpetual choirs, bringing back this ancient tradition into our daily lives.

This is the Whiteleaved Oak and she is

over a thousand years old.

Ian and Suzan on their wedding day.  Image taken

by David Johnson of Bards of Avalon


Become More ONE
Oribel Divine, Interspecies Communicator

About a week prior to November 11, 2012 I decided to commune with the Guardians of Fort Canning Hill in Singapore. I wanted to inform the trees, who are the Guardians, and nature in that area that I plan to lead a group of people in the park in that area to celebrate the 11:11 or Harmonic Convergence. Basically I was asking for their permission and to let them be aware of what was to take place so that they won’t be surprised with the big crowd that will be visiting on that day.

I explained what I intent to do and that is to have each person connect with nature in ways that are fun, heart opening and easy to do so that they can repeat them anytime they find themselves in nature.

Here’s an excerpt of the Guardians’ response to my request:

         “ We invite you to get to know us. Not just the trees, but also the plants, the flowers, 

         the dirt and grass, the animals, and the insects in the garden. We invite our Human 

         family. This is how we see you.

         It is time we become more ONE. Take as much opportunity as you can to build on this

         relationship and your life would be easier, be more peaceful, and more harmonious. 

         This is not just lip service. This is REAL.  We honor you and the others who are creating 

         this relationship with us. We have been separated for far too long, when in actual fact 

         there is no separation. “

I was very touched by the trees’ response to our upcoming visit. And on 11/11/12 about 30-40 adults together with several children visited the park and we all had a glorious time as we thanked the dirt and grass, gave nature blessings, sang to a tree, or plant of our choice, and lay on the ground for earthing. The Guardians (trees) and all of nature witnessed this event and participated with us in this sacred communion, just as they had asked us to do. 11/11/12 was a very special day for me, for many others and for Nature.

The Flame of the Forest is one of the Heritage Trees that are

cared for at the Fort Canning Hill. During her flowering season you'll

see her alight with her fiery orangy-red flowers.  She quietly sat and

witnessed the events that took place on 11/11/12.


Give Me A Sign
Ellen, Intuitive Healer, Animal Communicator
Evergreen, CO, USA

Magic happens if we listen and observe. I had just completed a class in nature spirits and faeries, and was eager to communicate with them. One day, standing among the beautiful, regal ponderosa trees on our property, I said out loud, "please give me a sign that you are there." Suddenly, and it was instantaneous, a pine cone rustled in the tree in front of me, fell out of the tree and rolled toward me. It made a direct beeline for my feet, and stopped at the toe of my sneaker. Well, imagine the delight and surprise that coursed down my spine. For a while after that, every time I went outside, I listened for a fall of a cone, and each time the nature spirits obliged. It makes me laugh and I know they are there, waiting for my request.


The Kisses that Saved a Tree
Brad Oliphant, Professional Photographer

I wanted to share with you something I bumped into back in April 2012.  It was a tree in New York City.  It was by a bus stop where they had posted a banner wanting to cut it down to put up a new bus stop sign.

I don't know why or how, but it did not happen and this tree was literally covered with human kisses.  People circled around it all day long talking about what happened.  Yes, I kissed it and thanked it for us all as I left.  See photos below.



The Giving Trees
Greg Jackson

One day I was out for a trail run and stopped to catch my breath. I stretched out my hands and rested them on a big fir tree and I felt a strange connection. I was running hard and was a bit out of breath and as I closed my eyes and was just concentrating on breathing I was suddenly inside the tree. I was seeing small opaque molecules all lined up side by side and they were moving slowly upwards. I was so excited to be seeing the inner workings of that tree and felt so honored that it was communicating with me. I have never seen anything when I meditate like others do, always just the back of my eyelids, so you can imagine how thrilled I was with that tree.

Years passed and just last summer I was out on another hike and again feeling so tired after scrambling up a steep section and this idea hit me strong, I saw a big tree and placed my open hands upon it. This time I asked that the tree would share some energy with me, top me up a bit. I asked that the tree would give me all that I needed, I also offered any energy of mine that the tree might need.

It was amazing the blast of energy that I had after that exchange, I climbed for another half hour singing, whistling, no shortage of breath. So you see for me trees are very sharing and they hold a special place in my heart and I am proud to call them friends.

My Magnificent Pecan Trees
Rev. Dot
Montgomery Al, USA

Several years ago a huricane came in from the gulf of Mexico. My daughter asked me to come to their house right behind mine since power was out etc. Before I left, I spoke to my four pecan on each corner of the house.....and asked them to protect my home. Pecan trees drop limbs often. under normal conditions.....but when I came back home in a day, I saw a yard FULL of limbs, but my house was not damaged!!! I love my trees and have pictures and sculptures of them all over the house.