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Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

On Demand Group Mastery Class

Experience the power of your past lives and change the past, heal the present, and free the future

If you believe that you have lived many lifetimes then know that the memories and attributes of those lifetimes are found in your Akashic records. And these records are found in your DNA. And you carry all your lifetimes with you each time you incarnate. And there’s good reason for this.

In this mastery class Oribel will guide you to visit your past lives that are relevant to your current one. Travel back in time to observe, gain personal insights, understanding the origins of current emotional blocks, addictions, phobias, fears, unhealthy attachments, and disempowering patterns of behavior.  Having said that you have also lived many lifetimes where you have experienced mastery on many levels and lived harmonious and benevolent lives. And they all formed your personality today.

But why visit a past life you might ask. Because understanding and healing or changing a past life can help heal a similar or related issue in the present life. And when healing takes place in your current life, you are free to create a better future for yourself. The past can indeed hold the solutions to your current dilemmas.

Experiencing your past lives can be a powerful and profound healing experience.

In this 4-hour program you will experience:

  • visiting 4 or more past lives that will help you gain insights into:
    -  a life lesson not yet learned in this present life
    -  a disempowering pattern of behavior or a fear- eg. low self-esteem, lack of trust, fear of heights etc.
    -  a present-day difficult relationship
  • rescripting a past life to experience healing in the present life
  • visiting a past life where you have embodied your Higher Self or experienced mastery
  • receive the tools and understand the healing process to help you practice your own self-regression and heal other areas of your present life

Note: You will receive class notes and an MP3 recording with a guided meditation for you to practice past life self-regression at home

Travel back in time for an insightful journey and empowering life

Time Travel:  The Power of your Past Lives 
Class duration:  4 hours
Venue:  Cluny Court, Bukit Timah. * Unit no. will be provided after confirmation of event 
Fee:  SGD $245 / participant
Group size:  minimum 4 participants

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On Demand Group Mastery Class - SGD $245 X 5

Total fee for group. SGD1,225/-


3hr 30mins - SGD $450
Lesson takes place in privacy in a consultation room


Take a journal, a pen and a highlighter with you.  You'll be provided with drinking water.  And wear comfortable clothes and and take a sweater or shawl with you in case it gets chilly.  And a pair of socks if you wish.


Cluny Court

Bukit Timah Road


* nearest MRT Station is Botanic Gardens which is a 5-minute walk to the class venue

Note:  The unit no. will be provided once the group class is confirmed.

About the Facilitator Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel is a Singapore-based quantum healer who works with clients at a cellular level.  She helps them identify the unhealthy and stuck emotions that need releasing and the ones that need enhancing.  And using her innate wisdom she helps guide them back to balance.  

Balance is key as this allows them to live a happier and more fulfilling life.  A life that they love.  You may read their testimonials here.

Oribel is a soul communicator.  She has helped many to connect and partner with their Higher Self to reach their highest potential.  This has helped many to create a more loving, respectful, and closer relationship with themselves, the planet, and Spirit  She also teaches and provide consultation to others from other countries through Skype.

Oribel is also an author and her first self-published book Messages from the Living Library in 2017 can be purchased on-line on this website.  She continues sharing inspiring and uplifting messages from Spirit and Gaia on her Youtube channel Oribel38.