Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

 The Soul,  The Voice,  The Inhabitants of  Bukit Brown


Read the messages from the flora and fauna of a 200-year old forest (part cemetery) whose home will be destroyed when the authorities proceed with the plan to construct an 8-lane highway through it at the start of 2013.   

For a period of 2 months from August 2012, my friends and I, visited the forest to commune with the trees, flowers, plants, insects, and animals there to help convey their messages to the public on their feelings about this project.  We present to you their messages on this site and they were also posted on Facebook.

You can clearly feel their concerns for their 'family'.  The trees especially are very much against the way humans have once again turn their home into a concrete jungle.  The interspecies communicators patiently went 'quiet' to listen to their messages and recorded them with a heavy heart.  There was nothing we could do other than to send them love and use words of kindness and encouragement.  We felt compassion for our friends in the forest and silently prayed for a miracle to happen so that another solution can be reached by LTA (Land Transport Authority) to help relieve the traffic flow along Lornie Road.


Visits to Bukit Brown in 2012


Location Plan of Affected Graves and Areas in Bukit Brown

We covered almost 70% of the area that will be affected by this highway project.

We walked on two occasions and  drove to areas that's further away from the main gate of the cemetery.

The map below shows the affected area.  We added the colored Xs on the black lines that represent the roads or footpaths.

The plan was to travel on foot along the Xs to commune with the flora and fauna in that area.

All colored Xs are within the affected area with the exception of  X.

The pink sector on the extreme left side of the plan is Seh Ong Cemetery.

Communion with Seh Ong Cemetery took place remotely i.e. we did not physically visit the place.

This was done using intention and photos taken from the area.