Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.



"Oribel, what you teach is very sacred and very special. Recognizing that everything is a database of information was a real eye opener for me. Teaching people to connect to this database of knowledge is your gift. It was not just an eye-opener but a mind opener and heart opener as well. To understand, to see and to feel how the indigenous people connect to the land, plants, animals and sky was certainly out of this world. I am still coming down out of the clouds!"

- Donna H.

“Hi Oribel, it was such an experience attending your workshop. I've always wanted to commune with nature, talk to the trees and plants, but never really dared do it on my own (because people would just think I'm mad, haha!) So your workshop provided me an opportunity to do it proper. And although there were people watching, what the heck! Haha! I learnt to trust myself. I learnt to trust what came to my mind when connecting with those trees."

"It was extremely rewarding, sharing the messages I got. And it's something I can and will apply when it comes to all other forms of spirituality. You are a gifted teacher, with such a calm and grounding energy - just like Mother Nature herself! You also have a way with words, and you really put much into all the handouts you gave us. May all those who come under your wing be blessed with your wisdom and your example. Please continue propagating nature's messages and living out your divine mission! “ 

- Oliver S.

“The workshop has been an enriching experience which I am sure will aid me, as I progress in my spiritual journey. As a facilitator and a human guide, Oribel is knowledgeable and generous in her sharing. The workshop was conducted with ease and grace; we literally went along with the flow of the Now moment."

"During the lesson, I connected with the sun, sky, soil, a variety of plants, ranging from the giant trees to the morning glory flower to the humble grass, as well as different species of animals, including fishes, turtles, birds, worm, dragonflies and bees."

"The techniques highlighted in the workshop for communicating with Nature are practical and can be applied immediately. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Besides enhancing my ability to communicate with Nature, this workshop triggered my memories, at a very fundamental level, to better understand and appreciate the meaning of Oneness. I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in communicating with animals & nature. Namaste.“ 

– Alvin G.

“I really enjoyed the workshop last Friday! It was one of the best investments of time and money that I've made! I have learnt so much during the sharing and feel that my spiritual senses/intuition have strengthened greatly! I am now more confident and trust myself more when communing with nature. Previously, I could somewhat communicate with plants and trees but did not really trust my inner voice. That's what it really is - talking to the trees is very much like talking to yourself with your own thoughts! So one main takeaway from this session was the TRUST that I gained - which is vital and perhaps the most important key to successful interspecies communication!"

"Oribel, I also enjoyed talking and sharing with you. You have this grounding energy and I feel that it is very comfortable and pleasant talking to you. Perhaps it is the energy of nature and you carry this strong vibe with you, giving the impression of a very calm and experienced teacher. Thank you Oribel.” 

– Reuben W.

“The whole journey was awesome. It was definitely a new experience for me and it helped me to learn & trust my intuition. All I have to do is keep quiet. Listen & communicate with my heart. We are never to late to learn what Mother Nature has to teach us.”

 – Casey N.