Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

Empowering You and Your Pets
This is a certified course

2 Lessons in 2 Days, 6 Hours in Total
Lesson #1 - 3 Hrs.  *  Lesson #2 - 3 Hrs.
Optional - Add 45 minutes to learn Pet Healing with Archangel Ariel
Any day of the week except public holidays

Course Content

  • overview of the animal connection to humanity and their purpose
  • building blocks to begin communicating with pets
  • the do's and don'ts in pet communication
  • teach your pets new tasks and change behaviors
  • how to deal with death and illness
  • do pets re-incarnate and if so, how?
  • communicate with your pets who have passed on
  • see the world through your pets' eyes
  • administer energy healing on your pets with Archangel Ariel (optional)

Skype Live Video Chat
SGD 515
+ SGD 50 for Pet Healing  

Lessons in a Private Room
add S$150 to tutorial fee 

This is a certified course.
A certificate of completion will be awarded to each participant who completes the program.


"It was a truly amazing and rewarding workshop, as I gained confidence in trusting and believing in the visions, sounds, emotions, and everything that came to me.  It was through this program that I realized animals are trusting and kind beings. " - Aysel

Other Testimonials

"The most enriching, fulfilling, and exhilarating class I've ever attended."

"I've practiced the skills taught with my cat and it has changed the way I bond 

with her daily."

"It's an inspiring workshop that I hgihly recommend for pet lovers."

"Oribel's teaching style is well structured with specific processes that are easy to apply."

"It's amazing how her methods have helped me connect easily with the animals 

even on the first lesson."


Your time is limited and you so want to begin communicating with your pets.  Take this opportunity to learn in six hours the basic techniques of animal communication.

Oribel will guide you through this private coaching, 1-on-1 lessons to begin experiencing communicating with your pets – current, past and those  who have passed on.  Begin 'talking and listening' to your beloved pets.  Learn simple techniques on how to give accurate instructions to your pets; learn what to do for a pet who is ill or who is undergoing the dying process.

A private tutorial comprises of two lessons of 6 hours in total.  I recommend a 3-day gap between the lessons and this is to allow you the time to practice what you've learned from the first lesson.

Both lessons take place on Skype video chat.  Alternatively, you may opt to hold it indoors in a private room.  You have a choice.  The core essence of animal communication, which is a pure form of communication with your pet, will be taught to you and there'll be exercises for you to connect with your pets and other pets at an energetic level i.e. using photos.  And you have Oribel's personal coaching and attention throughout these lessons.

You will receive a student's manual.  She will help guide you on how to best find solutions usiing your own inner wisdom, inner guidance, and healing with Archangel Ariel.

* The lessons do not include pet consultation services by Oribel.  She will help guide you on how to best address your pet's issues using techniques taught during the lessons.

Take note:

1 - You will be using a pet's photos during the workshop.  No pets?  No worries.  Ask to work with a family member's pet or a friend's pet.  This way you and your friend or family member and their pets will benefit from this workshop.

2 - Pets are not allowed in this workshop.

3 - Animal Communication does not replace veterinary health care.

4 - The first step in animal communication is to practice using images of the animal.  This way you do not get distracted by the animal's presence and actions.  In time, and with practice, you will be able to communicate with your animal in person.

5 - Workshop does not include pet communication or pet counseling services by Oribel.  She will help guide students on how to best address their animal's issues using tools taught during the lessons.

6 - You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.