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Oribel Joy Divine. 

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Shared by Students of Oribel


What I find most fascinating about facilitating my animal communication workshops is the stories that my students share with me right after they connect with their own pets.  And even more exciting stories when I get to meet them later outside the classroom.


I’d like to share with you five of them here:


  • Permission have been granted by the students to share this information for education.
  • Names have been altered to protect the privacy of the owners and their pets.


One student, Anna, had adopted a cat from SPCA and brought her home a couple of weeks before attending my workshop. Upon connecting with her cat in class for the first time, the cat had asked this simple and direct question, “Who are you?”. Obviously my student had not introduced herself properly to her new cat as she would have with another person. And make a guess what the cat’s second question was. “What do you do?”. Sounds like a human interview to me. Well from that day on, both cat and human got really acquainted.


Another student, Alex, who moved to Singapore had left behind her dog back home in Canada. Her dog, Lucky, an Akita breed, is being looked after by her Auntie. Every night without fail she would get on SKYPE to ‘talk’ with Lucky. Alex knew that it’s a one-sided conversation but they have a very close relationship and she didn’t want Lucky to miss her too much while she is away from him.

Before she attended the workshop, she described to us that when she gets on SKYPE she could see Lucky pacing up and down the room from her computer screen. After she connected with him in class for the first time they truly had a real two-way conversation. 

On the first night of the workshop, Alex returned home and got on SKYPE as usual to ‘talk’ with Lucky. This time, to her amazement, Lucky walked up to the computer (this is back in Canada) and placed her chin on the keyboard and looked at her beloved person on the computer screen. Alex was absolutely thrilled to bits and couldn’t wait to tell us the following day what had happened.


This third story is a bitter sweet one. Tina’s dog, 15-year old Zeus, a Lhasa Apso, was diagnosed by their vet that he was dying. A couple of days before the workshop began, Tina engaged my consultation services to connect with Zeus to ask if he was in pain and if he has any final requests. Tina was afraid that Zeus may transition before she can begin the workshop on Saturday. 

Zeus was excited when I connected with him because he wanted so much for Tina to know what he was thinking and feeling through me. I had a very strong impression that Zeus didn’t want to let on that he was in tremendous pain and instead had indicated to me that his pain was bearable. And he wanted me to pass on the message to Tina that he wanted her to learn how to communicate with anmals as quickly as possible so he can communicate with her directly. Zeus had been with Tina and her husband since she was a puppy so their bond is really strong. And there were things that only he would want to tell Tina directly and not through a third party. On the night of the first day of the workshop, Tina and her husband had dinner outside and were returning home. The moment they open the front door, Zeus greeted both of them with “I love you” twice, one for each of his beloved human parents. 

Tina and her husband were stunned because they never taught Zeus how to speak the human language “I love you”. And Zeus said it for the first time in 15 years and he never said it again. I was saddened to hear from Tina that Zeus passed away two days later. Zeus died a happy dog because he was able to have a heart-to-heart communication with Tina for the first time and that was his last wish before he left us.


I felt that Zeus wanted so much to return the favor to both his beloved human parents by speaking the human language – as close as he could get. Bless Zeus for coming into and enriching the lives of two human beings.


This story is from Tom. Tom took my private tutorial lessons and had this to share with me when we met a couple of years later. Tom is one of those rare people, who get to do what he loves doing - work with animals. Tom is an animal healer. He uses an energy healing modality and animal communication to work with his animal clients. Tom recounted to me how using animal communication he was able to save a cat's life. 

A client of his whose cat had suddently stopped eating and drinking was loosing weight and looking miserable. After several days his client decided to take his cat to the vet. The vet did numerous tests but could not locate what the problem was with the cat. The client was disheartened and was fearful of losing his cat to a strange illness or worst still to resort to euthanizing it if it stops eating permanently. 

He didn't give up and decided to consult Tom and brought his cat. During the commnication with the cat, the cat told Tom of the excruciating pain he feels each time he tries to bend his neck. And using images, the cat showed him where the pain was the neck. Hence, the cat was unable to eat his food and drink water from his usual position. 

Tom's client immediately revisited the vet to provide this important piece of information. The vet arranged for an x-ray and the results showed a slip disc. The cat was treated for it and it was saved....and all thanks to animal communication!


This is something that one of my students shared with me. She put into practice one of the exercises she learned in our time together during the animal communication program that I facilitate. All the names have been changed to protect her privacy.

May and her husband have two dogs. One has been with them for several years now and her name is Trudy. Whereas the other is still a puppy and had joined their family only recently.

Several days after taking my program Animal Communication, May decided to play the word game with Trudy. So they sat together and May began the game by asking Trudy to send her a word. May received the word “pain”. She was concerned and asked Trudy if she was in pain. Trudy replied with sending May a second word – “heartache”.

And the mystery unraveled as Trudy explained to May that she always gets a scolding from her humans when she pees at inappropriate places although the new dog did it more often and didn’t get reprimanded. And Trudy said that her heart aches when this happens.

May apologized to Trudy and told her husband about the incident. And she promised not to practice double standards with her dogs ever again because that would create unnecessary jealousy, hurt feelings, and disharmony. This incident brought Trudy and May closer and Trudy would share many things with May, especially if Trudy needs help in understanding certain situations happening in the household.

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