Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


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Lotus Oneness

The lotus is a type of water lily which rises from the sludge of muddy waters and opens into a beautiful flower.  Human mistakes and challenges are the fertilizer for brilliance and awakened creation as the Lotus shows us.  Borne in the murkiest of ponds, Lotus still emerges pure.

In the greater world, Lotus is a peaceful cosmic beacon for forgiveness, gratitude and compassion to prevail where the sludge of conflict has resided.This powerful and ancient image symbolizes harmony, spiritual illumination and unlimited potential.


The Mother of All Mantras is the primordial sound by which the earth was created

The past, present and future are all blended in this one all-inclusive sound. When chanted, Om or Aum frees the consciousness to remember its natural state of connection to infinite source energy or Creation.

By using this symbolic image, the concept of infinite love and infinite creation is conveyed beyond the limitation of words or ideas.



Clouds are the mists of heaven and earth which represents the divine thought of “God” coming forth from source with great desire to manifest the unmanifest. 

In this we know that when we observe the formlessness of clouds in continual shift of movement and shape, it is as if we are looking into the pools of heaven, the sky, and seeing the universal possibilities of thought, movement and form.  Clouds represent divinity, pure thought and pure being, emptiness and everything.   Read more...

Flower of Life

The flower of life is a geometrical shape composed of a hexagonal pattern (where the center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter), made up of 19 complete circles and 36 partial circular arcs, enclosed by a large circle.  Its perfect form, proportion and harmony has been known to philosophers, architects and artist around the world.

The Flower of Life has provided what is considered to be deep spiritual meaning and forms of enlightenment to those who have studied it as sacred geometry. The symbol represents important meaning to many throughout history.  And it can be found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout cultures around the world.   Read more...

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life in its various forms is recognized in all cultures as a symbol of immortality and eternal life. It is a reminder of our past - roots (ancestry), our present - tree trunk and branches (growth and strength) and our future - fruits (labor and posterity)

The Tree of life is considered to be a map of the universe and the psyche, the order of the creation of the cosmos, and a path to spiritual illumination.  It does not only speak of the origins of the physical universe out of the unimaginable, but also of man's place in the universe. 

Seed of Life

This sacred geometry is the center of the larger Flower of Life, a sacred blueprint of all Creation. The pattern is also repeated in the Kabalistic Tree of Life and appears in most all early religious traditions in the Middle East. Used in religious art, it often represents the all-seeing eyes of God. The overlapping circles represent the omniscience of Creation honoring the infinite connections of all life circles, nurturing diversity.

As a spiritual practice, use the Seed of Life to hold a morphogenic field of acceptance for all beings, all cultures, all beliefs, realizing that all circles rotate through the center of creation, and thus establishing the holiness of all orientations. In a larger context, the Seed of Life resonates tolerance and infinite source energy for all beings. Placed on water, the Seed of Life will be a silent reminder of your place in the web of creation.

Lotus Compassion

In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purist of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.  It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

Lotus Filligree

In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purist of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.  It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

Om Shanti Mandala

Hindu teachings typically end with the words Om shanti shanti shanti as an invocation of peace, and the mantra is also used to conclude some Buddhist devotional ceremonies. 

7-Chakra Pendant

The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.  They are namely:

  • Crown-> I UNDERSTAND
  • Third Eye -> I SEE
  • Throat -> I SPEAK
  • Heart -> I LOVE
  • Solar Plexus -> I DO
  • Sacral -> I FEEL
  • Root -> I AM

It is important to keep the energy flowing in eaach of the centers in order to maintain balance.


Bamboo signifies the life of simplicity.  It produces neither flowers nor fruit.   The hollow trunk reminds us to be humble.  


In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

Sri Yantra

This is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful yantras.  By wearing a Sri Yantra charm and meditating on the sacred design, it is believed to bring about material and spiritual wealth, strengthen relationships, enhances peace, happiness, empowerment, authority, prosperity and success.

The Love Birds

This symbol represents a couple or a pair of people who have a shared love for each other.

C'est La Vie

This is a French word meaning "That's Life!".  It is use to express acceptance or resignation in the face of a difficult or unpleasant situation.  It is equivalent to the phrase "Que Sera Sera".

And we are reminded that things happen for a reason.  Accept and go with the flow as something better is in the horizon.