Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

His Final Moments


My communion with Harambe took place in 2016, after he left the physical world.  If it weren't for animal communication I wouldn't have been able to reach out to him after his death, nor would I have known the truth about what happened during the last few minutes of his life on this planet.

My intent is to spread the art of channeling messages from nature to as many people as possible.  And now I offer my lessons “Be a Nature Whisperer” via SKYPE.  It will be a heart opening experience as you learn to communicate and ask questions of the plants, trees, animals, insects, rivers, and mountains.  This is the relationship, between humans and nature, that I feel is the weakest and can be improved drastically when we have frequent conversations with them.  We are nature too.  So we are family.

Oribel Joy Divine

Harambe's story first appeared in the book: Messages from the Living Library

You too may learn how to channel messages from nature through personal coaching with Oribel.  Or if you are in Singapore, you may attend one of her group workshops.