Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.



Interspecies communicator and award-winning film editor, Oribel Joy Divine, has been communicating with flora, fauna, and the natural world since 2009.

She documented their messages from 2010 to 2016. This book represents an amazing compilation of the thoughts and feelings of the small creatures from the ladybug and the ant to the largest mammal, the humpback whales.  

The mountains, lakes and rivers speak to her and they share their ancient wisdom.  The sun and moon too wish to connect with humans.

What concerns do they have about humanity and our planet?  What pearls of wisdom do the ancient mountains and trees have to offer us?  In their messages they share their reasons for being on this planet.  You will discover that nature and humanity are more alike than different.  When we understand our natural world better we will invite them more into our lives and help nurture and protect them, as it is the divine plan.

Messages from the Living Library
Series - Book One (e-book)

by Oribel Joy Divine  (Author)

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In this book, a great tradition of teacher to student will be continued. We are surrounded by teachers all the time and though we do not always recognize them, there are those amongst us who can help us to see and feel that these teachers love us and wish us to be as comfortable and at peace on Earth as they are.

Sometimes these teachers take the form of animals. Sometimes they are simply the land upon which we walk.

It is helpful to have people like Oribel who can reveal the wisdom and the love of such Beings.

Always remember, everything is alive and even though it may not be life as we understand it, it is a life of its own. Planets are alive, solar systems are alive, suns are alive and that portion of Earth that lives on forever is a life of its own.

So, fear not death because the you you know yourself to be lives on. Your personality does not die and it is the same with these Beings that speak their ways of life and allow Oribel to reveal them.

I hope you enjoy this book. I think it will be beneficial and I do think that traditional wayshowers are always there to help us. You just need to know who they are, where they are and sometimes how you can know.


Robert Shapiro

Professional Trans Channel and Author of over 40 books


Oribel Joy Divine is an amazing interspecies communicator. Because she intently listens to the voices of nature, she is able to clearly communicate powerful messages to benefit the planet and all creatures of Earth. All through this beautifully designed and spiritually inspired book, the voices of nature speak to humanity, imploring us to awaken and recognize that we are all one family, deeply connected on this planet. As Oribel listens to the trees, the flowers, the minerals, the whales, and the elephants, she relays their messages to humanity with crystal clear precision and impeccable form. 

The most potent message throughout this book is that as a species, humanity needs to evolve to the point where we treat all other species as equal. This profound truth reaches into all areas of our lives, including but not limited to our choices of what we eat, how we trample or honor the earth, and using conscious thoughts in every moment to create more beauty and harmony on Earth. What she has achieved here is a primer to help humanity return to a state of balance in nature, where we belong. 

The way in which Oribel Joy Divine interweaves all kingdoms helps us to understand the interconnectedness of all beings and all energies that work together in balance here on Earth. As Cecil the lion so clearly expressed to Oribel, "All life forms matter. All life forms are precious. All life forms aspire to be free. All life forms desire to be treated with respect." Ultimately, our job as humans is to live consciously and with purpose, and this is the message Oribel so simply and eloquently relates from the other kingdoms of Earth.

Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith

Interdimensional Communicators and Authors of

Remembering Who We Are, Conversations With Laarkmaa, Sacred Retreat,

and Spirals of Consciousness (in press). and



Contents - 1 of 2

Opening Remarks


Introduction from Author


  The Wise Old Trees of Chiang Mai

  Under The Binjai Tree

  O Christmas Tree


  Wisdom of Water Lily

  Dendrobium Lydiae, A Rare Orchid Species

  The Rice Terraces of Bali

  The Hemp Plant

  Wild Mushrooms Everywhere


  The Ant People



  Giraffe Speaks for the Animal Kingdom

  Cats and Dogs –

  What our pets want us to know

  Alfred, the Pet Dog

  Samantha, the Pet Cat


  Cecil, the Lion from Zimbabwe

  Harambe, the Gorilla from Cincinnati Zoo


  Danielle’s Story –

  A Captive Wild Dolphin Speaks Up

  The Two Whales –

  The Humpback Whales from Byron Bay


  Rose Quartz Crystal

  Selenite Gypsum


Contents - 2 of 2


  The Annapurna Mountains

  Mount Fuji

  Aoraki Mount Cook

  Wizard’s Hat


  Yosemite National Park

  Seh Ong Hill

  Spirit of Water, Lake Barrington

  Missouri River




  Spirit of Fire –

  Agnihotra Sunset Experience



  Earth Mother Speaks

  Meeting the Moon

  Greetings Dear Sun



  Dreaming the New Earth Together -

    The Story of Joy and Her Tree Friend


Closing Note from the Author

Index to Images and Credits

About the Author

About the Artist

The Work of OJD

New Book Arriving – Book 2



Wizard's Hat
Bandon Beach, Oregon


I was first attracted to its image on FB some time in October of 2016. And I felt it was calling out to me. So one morning, soon after that, I answered it's call. I received a beautiful message and now I share with you that message.


The following image of the rock formations on a beach is not of Wizard’s Hat at Bandon Beach. It is an image of one of the many beautiful beaches along the coast of Oregon, USA. This image is included for illustration purpose only.




“All rock formations from the smallest,

that fits your palm, to the largest, the 

mountains of this planet, are alive and 

aware. We wish for you to commune with us 

more often. Greet us with a simple hello, if 

you wish. And exchange energies with us, 

if you wish. Send us your beautiful thoughts 

and we will receive them."

“Do you not know that you

broadcast your thoughts constantly? You

affect your surroundings with your thoughts. 

It is so. When you truly understand this you 

can practice broadcasting thoughts that are of 

higher awareness. Thoughts of gratitude for 

your surroundings are the most beautiful 

thoughts you can emanate from your being. 

Practice this often. Emanate beautiful feelings 

and thoughts and you will live to see your 

beauty in everything you set

your eyes upon.”

message continues...



“If you happen to pick up a rock and place it 

in your hands. Wish it good thoughts and 

send it good feelings. And then place it back 

on the land. The rock will carry your good 

thoughts and feelings and broadcast those 

energies out. It has been blessed by a human 

such as yourself and it only wishes

to spread that blessings to others.”

“We are delighted with the name you’ve

given us. We acknowledge this and are 

grateful. We ask you to express more of 

what’s in your hearts. Give voice to your

heart because you are here to share your 

essence, which is your true voice.”

“I thank you for this opportunity to share

my true voice with you and others who are 

willing to listen. I bid you good day.”

-  Wizard's Hat -





For a rock with a hard surface, I was blown away by her gentle and beautiful countenance, with the graceful energies she emanated which I was honored to have experienced throughout my communion with her. (see my takeaway note at the bottom of this page)

I was enraptured by her beautiful message of broadcasting our own benevolent energies. We need to create a more harmonious countenance ourselves by practicing this form of broadcasting. When we are in a state of beauty, we are emotionally available to the Source within. In this state of divine bliss, there is no room for any darkness, negativity or judgment. Are we ready for this? We can begin to practice more benevolence and as frequently as we can muster. Yes, we can train ourselves.

Also know that rocks and plants are the first forms of life that were seeded on our planet. If you were to pick up a stone on one of your walks you could speak to it and ask for the history of our planet.

My takeaway: It’s so true that things are not what they appear to be. Never again will I make any such assumptions with any other sentient beings.





Oribel Joy Divine is a voice for nature, and a story teller. When she discovers a piece of information that resonates with her she wishes to share it with others in ways that are heart felt, joyful, beautiful and inspiring. And she discovers that creating and sharing videos and giving talks is her favorite combination for the work she does. And now, through another avenue, with the birthing of this book.

She was born in Singapore and has lived there all her life. She travels the world, energetically, and communicates with nature, telepathically, much of the time. Her Higher Self has been her constant companion and her guiding light. To Oribel the Higher Self is synonymous to the Soul and Spirit.

Her intent is to continue using her creative skills, talents and passion to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness, through teaching mastery classes and sharing of messages from nature and Spirit. She believes that the world doesn’t need saving. The world needs more loving. And in that loving, humanity is healing. It is the healing and awakening of the human species that creates the understanding and awareness of oneness with the planet and the universe. Recognizing that we are ALL connected is the ultimate gift to ourselves. 

Oribel can be contacted through this website.