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Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


Quantum Healing for Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Transformation

Are you anxious and worried much of the time?

Are you grieving and feeling sad over a recent loss?

Are you struggling with inner conflict?

Do you feel you have no control of your life?

Do you have destructive patterns of thinking?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then you are not yet living your best life. Having energy blocks create a less than magnificent life. Experiencing deep-seated emotions drain you and keep you in fear and limits you.  You are here to experience your full potential, the TRUE you. If you believe this and want to experience it, then Divine Cellular Transformation is for you.

Oribel communicates with your cellular structure for trasnformation.  Start to see the energy blocks eliminated that stand in the way of your magnficence.  Experience a rise in your frequency and let others see the balance in you.  How you respond to life will start to change.

The feeling of joy and a sense of happiness flood through your emotional system. Joy is one of the highest frequencies known to human and when a body is in a state of joy, maladies and illnesses cannot exist. And you draw to you opportunities and people that match that frequency.

This is quantum healing, a transformation for all areas of your life.  Oribel transmits clear instructions to your cells to make the necessary adjustments to create the balance that you need.

If appropriate and when guided, Oribel shares with you techniques on how you can help yourself find balance daily.  With proper instructions to your cells, health and well being returns. And know that life is a reflection of your state of being.

You can be anywhere in the world and receive this therapy

Oribel transmits instruction sets to your cellular structure from afar, no matter where you are in the world.   Distance is not a problem.  This is the power of a multi-dimensional  process.  However, it is best administered when you are asleep or lying down feeling relaxed.  Relaxation is a state of allowing, to release and receive.

Oribel will send you an email after the session has taken place.  There is nothing for you to do other than to trust and believe that the transformation has taken place.  Know that your own body's Divine intelligence is activated by the instruction sets given by Oribel.

How can Divine Cellular Transformation Therapy assist you?

  • control mood swings or better anger management
  • conquer fear
  • lower level of anxiety and worry
  • improve self-esteem
  • provide upliftment - the joy factor
  • cell rejuvenation 
  • create better relationships
  • exercise self empowerment
  • remove energetic blocks
  • raise your vibrational frequency
  • get out of feeling victimized

  • have a positive outlook on life
  • regenerate healthy cells
  • release inner conflict
  • become more intuitive
  • utilize more of your heart energy
  • access to your inner wisdom and guidance
  • provide overall health and well being
  • receive clarity


First Appointment

The first appointment consists of 3 parts:

#1 - Pre-therapy Consultation - up to 50 minutes

This takes place in person in privacy in a consultation room.  It begins with a chat for Oribel to get to know you and and your concerns and purpose for the therapy.  She will ask you a series of questions to determine the emotions that need addressing i.e. unhealthy emotions to be released and healthy emotions to be enhanced. 

During this session Oribel will be guided, when appropriate, to share with you techniques and suggestions that you can begin using immediately.  You will leave the session feeling uplifted and positive. This can be an empowering session.

#2 - Distant therapy takes place while you are asleep.  This is the ideal state of being to receive this powerful therapy.

#3 - Post-therapy email plus Consultation – up to 25 minutes

You will receive an email from Oribel on what took place in the therapy.  This is followed by a 25-minute consultation over phone or Skype chat.  She will share any intuitive messages that came through and also techniques you can engage in to promote self-love and self-management for better health and wellbeing.  This too is an empowering session.

Total time spent: up to 2 hours

Time allocation:  up to 75 minutes of consultation time and up to 45 minutes of therapy.

Fee: SGD $260

Pre-therapy consultation takes place in a consultation room.
Post-therapy consultation takes place over the phone.

Maintenance Therapy with or without Consultation

There are two options to choose from for maintenance therapy.

Option 1 -  Distant Therapy with Consultation

Option 2 -  Distant Therapy without Consultation

From the third appointment onward you have two options to choose from and these sessions consist of 3 parts.

#1 – Inform Oribel, through Whatsapp or email, the emotional issues you’re facing that needs releasing. Oribel will setup a time for the distant therapy to address your issues.

#2 - Distant therapy takes place while you are asleep.  This is the ideal state of being to receive this powerful therapy.

#3 – Option 1

Post-therapy email and Consultation – up to 25 minutes

You will receive an email from Oribel on what took place in the therapy.  This is followed by a 25-minute consultation over phone or in consultation room. This is the time you will learn to fine-tune any techniques you've been using.  Oribel will also share any new findings from her therapy session.

#3 – Options 2

Post-therapy email only. 

You will receive an email from Oribel on what took place in the therapy. There is no consultation involved.

Total time spent and time allocation:

Option 1 – up to 55 minutes

25 minutes of consultation time and up to 30 minutes of therapy.

Fee: S$150 consultation in person / S$130 consultation over phone

Option 2 – up to 30 minutes of therapy.

Fee: S$70

Rates at a glance

First Appointment

Consultation - 75 minutes

Therapy – 45 minutes

Total – up to 2 hours

Fee: S$260

Maintenance Therapy with Consultation

Consultation – 20 minutes

Therapy – 30 minutes

Total – up to 50 minutes

Fee: S$150, with consultation in person

Fee: S$130, with consultation over the phone

Maintenance Therapy without Consultation

Therapy – 30 minutes

Fee: S$70

Consultation in Person

25-minute – S$80

50-minute – S$160

All consultations in person are held in a consultation room.

Book Your First Appointment

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Payment in SGD

If you've opted to pay on-line, please use the Pay Now buttons below to make payment after you've registered and the first appointment has been set up.  If you opted for other forms of payment, please wait for the bank account no or mobile no.  Thank you.

First appointment - S$260


Maintenance Therapy with Consultation - S$150 / S$130

Post-therapy Consultation in person


Post-therapy Consultation over phone



Maintenance Therapy without Consultation - S$70


25-minute Consultation in Person - S$80


50-minute Consultation in Person - S$160