Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

A powerful quantum intuitive transformational journey that empowers you to heal yourself and others

You can be anywhere in the world and learn from the comfort of your home.

5.5 hrs. of personal coaching on Skype
Fee:  SGD $550    

Student handout will be provided

Our emotions and beliefs can either make or break us. They can rob us of our mastery. And when we unconsciously and continuously behave in self-sabotaging patterns due to disempowering emotions and beliefs, we get the same old results. But when we become aware of these stuck energies and make a conscious choice to change how we respond to life through better feeling emotions and empowering beliefs, a shift can then take place. This creates the new and different results that we are seeking. This is how you transform your life at a cellular level.

With this understanding Oribel has created a unique program where you too can work with your own DNA through talking to Innate, your smart body, and your cellular structure energetically with no external tools. 

In this 2-Day program you will learn how to shift your energy and raise your vibration to a level that allows you to be at your full potential. You will discover what it takes to work with your Innate, the ‘smart body’, and your cells. Yes, you will learn to address the Divine layer of your DNA for healing yourself and others. And by the end of your journey you will discover that your emotions do matter!

By taking this journey you will:

  • meet your cells to begin communicating with your cellular structure
  • receive the instructions set and scripts for cellular healing
  • learn the intuitive process to receive information and feedback from your body and major organs
  • learn and practice the emotional clearing processes that release, dissolve and clear emotions that don't support you
  • restore confidence, strength, clarity, peace, love, and healthy sense of self-esteem in your life
  • understand the debilitating emotions behind major illnesses, imbalances in organs, and body parts and receive practical advice
  • learn how to heal others, in person and distant healing using these techniques
  • discover the power of your Innate and how to work with it for health and well being
  • recognize and set yourself free from the toxic effects of unconscious beliefs and emotions, and start on a path of self-healing.
  • learn the co-relation between thoughts, emotions and beliefs
  • create and receive solutions, expect and embrace change with grace, and create a new lifestyle for yourself
  • learn best practices

At the end of the journey, you will:

  • reclaim your power
  • express your authentic self
  • have clarity, be more conscious and aware of your choices
  • have more confidence moving in the direction of your passion
  • be enthusiastic with life again
  • let go of the limitations you place upon yourself on what you could do
  • be your own uplifter and encourager
  • learn to honor yourself and listen to your feelings
  • gain confidence in assisting others in their healing
  • trust your intuition
  • realize that your emotions matter and know how to only feel emotions that support you

Who can benefit from taking this mastery class:

  • a parent, who wants to begin healing his/her children, partner and family members
  • a healer, who wants to enhance his/her healing techniques
  • a person who wishes to live a happier and more fulfilling life
  • a person who is besotted with ill health and feeling cheerless most of the time
  • a person who feels stuck and wishes to get out of the rut and begin living a fuller life
  • a person who wishes to learn a quantum healing technique 


Day 1 / 3 hrs.  - Self-Healing

Day 2 / 2.5 hrs.  - Healing Others and the Planet


Testimonials from clients who receive this healing . . .

I find Oribel's Divine Cellular Transformation to be a unique experience. I felt a shift in my overall mood from being stressed and anxious to being calm and a lot more relaxed. It is also very useful and soothing  for children who are hyper active or have behavioural problems.  Perfect for highly sensitive people who absorb negativity from others be it at home or in the workplace.  The healing will greatly assist you to let go of what is not serving your higher self and bring focus to what you really need to develop your fullest potential. 

-  Sandra

The days after the therapy I feel lighter and better about myself.  I'm now making plans to meet more people and participate in activities that I'm interested in. Somehow I feel more alive and learning to love myself more. 

- Annie


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  2. If you've chosen Paypal as your payment option, pls. proceed to make payment using the Pay Now button at the bottom of the registration form. 
  3. Receive an email confirmation from Oribel on your registration, payment and date for your Skype lesson.
  4. Student Notes in pdf file format will be emailed to you a few days prior to your lesson.  You are asked not to read the manual until you meet Oribel face-to-face on Skype or FaceTime for your lesson.


Thank you for registering for this amazing Skype personal coaching on Divine Cellular Transformation.

Oribel will write to you directly, within the next 2 days, to confirm your booking. Please make payment for this workshop if you haven't already done so. If you've opted to make payment via ATM transfer or PayLah, pls. wait for Oribel to revert to you with further details. Thank you.

Wishing you a great day!

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Skype Personal Coaching - SGD $550

About the facilitator Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel is a Singapore-based quantum healer who works with clients at a cellular level.   Testimonials here.

Oribel has been blessed with the ability to communicate with animals and nature since 2009.  And she has assisted both pets and their owners to bond at a deeper level.  She has helped many to connect and partner with their Higher Self to reach their highest potential.  This has helped many to create a more loving, respectful, and closer relationship with themselves, the planet, and Spirit  She also teaches and provide consultation to others from other countries through Skype.

Oribel is an author and her first self-published book Messages from the Living Library in 2017 can be purchased on-line on this website.  She continues sharing inspiring and uplifting messages from Spirit and Gaia on her Youtube channel Oribel38.