Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


Quotes Oribel- it was an eye opener for me and I know its all about energy, vibration and love towards the Universe.After your show I have been consciously talking to my parrot and see a transformational change of love towards me.So thanks for the great awareness.Also I have started to wave at my trees who have been so nice to my whole family, protecting us and teaching us the way of life. Quotes
Romi Jaiswal
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Quotes The course provided a closure for me as I met and spent some time with my deceased rabbit, Yuri. He brought me a message on my brother which none of us in the family knew till my brother verified the message from Yuri. He's indeed a sweet dear who still looks after the family and puts the family above himself. We are extremely blessed to have had him with us. Oribel was aware of, and sensitive towards each participant's background and (emotional) needs. She allowed self-exploration, and was able to lend a sympathetic ear and heart. Her communication on the intent of the course, programme and pre-course preparation was very clear and timely. This is exemplary. It was Oribel?s empathy and concern that made the workshop somewhat a support group, instead of the usual distant and cold workshop. For those who are interested in this workshop, I would encourage them to attend the workshop to experience it themselves Quotes
Aysel O., Singapore
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