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Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


Quotes I recently rescued a kitten in distress off the busy road. I was at wits' end when Hyatti was all scared and my two home cats weren't welcoming her. Verbal assurance and toys didn't work, I mean which kitten wouldn't play? I asked Oribel to converse with her. Oribel communicated with her and sent her Angelic Reiki healing. The very next morning, she began to play! Yaye! That to me, was a major achievement! Oribel's communication was very helpful in order for both me and the kitten to understand our situation. She has also provided pointers for me to practise with my two other cats as well. Hyatti is definitely opening up slowly. She is such an adorable one once we get hold of her and put her on our lap/chest. She enjoys playing, though still hides when we get close to her. Slowly but surely :) Thank you very much Oribel! You have helped us all! :)) Quotes
Foster Mommy of Hyatti, the rescued kitten
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Quotes I really enjoyed the Nature Communication Workshop last Friday! It was one of the best investments of time and money that I've made! I have learnt so much during the sharing and feel that my spiritual senses/ intuition have strengthened greatly! I am now more confident and trust myself more when communing with nature. Previously, I could somewhat communicate with plants and trees but did not really trust my inner voice. That's what it really is - talking to the trees is very much like talking to yourself with your own thoughts! So one main takeaway from this session was the TRUST that I gained - which is vital and perhaps the most important key to successful interspecies communication! I also enjoyed talking and sharing with you. You have this grounding energy and I feel that it is very comfortable and pleasant talking to you. Perhaps it is the energy of nature and you carry this strong vibe with you, giving the impression of a very calm and experienced teacher. Thank you Oribel. Quotes
Reuben W., Singapore
Private Tutorial in Nature Communication

Quotes My cloud pendant has arrived and I'm wearing it right now I love the energy! Thank you and a big heart hug, Quotes
M. Ellen, Netherlands
Jewelry for the Soul

Quotes Very meaningful workshop with Oribel! I not only learnt how I can go about communicating with the cats that I care for, the workshop has also reminded me to always treat people with love and kindness and also be thankful towards Mother Earth. Also, the workshop was nice way for me to recharge from my usual work/life routine. Thank you so much, Oribel! Quotes
Irene T., Singapore
Private Tutorial in Animal Communication with your Pets

Quotes One of my dogs Pebbles was peeing all over the house n has since stopped doing it after Oribel communicated with her about it. She seemed more at ease now after Oribel assured her that I would take responsibility over my own health n that she didn't have to worry or take on anything from me. Oribel also told me that my dog was concerned about some medical procedures to be done on her n as a result, I have decided not to put her through one of the procedures. Amazingly also after speaking with my other dog Coco about a complaint we had about their barking, both dogs have since stopped barking n they stand quietly at the door behind me whenever anybody comes to the door or just wag their tails without barking when we come home. So grateful to Oribel for this. Thank you for communing with my dogs n your help in relaying all my messages to them. Your gentle energy is very reassuring n I would certainly speak of your service to others. :) Quotes
Veronica C, Singapore
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Quotes It was an informative, amazing and interesting experience! Before attending the workshop, I had doubt in telepathy and I thought I have to be super highly spiritual to be able to do so but Oribel proved me wrong! After attending the workshop, I feel connected to my dog and other animals even nature! It had taught me how to focus on my inner peace and trust our intent! Thank you, Oribel! Quotes
Xiuling H., Singapore
Private Tutorial in Animal Communication with Your Pets

Quotes This morning I have received the Pegasus print. Thank you so much - I feel a calm and radiance from just looking at it - beautiful. Quotes
Villette W., United Kingdom
Owner of a Freedom Pegasus Print

Quotes After my dog, Nicky was put to sleep, I felt guilty. I would cry in the privacy of my room whenever I thought of him, asking for his understanding of my situation when I had to put him to sleep. I cried, missing him so much as he had been with me through my saddest moments and kept me company when I could not sleep. I had to put him to sleep because I could not afford the medical fees and the vet could not find out what was wrong with him. Things changed when I met Oribel. Oribel was able to connect with Nicky. It was such a relief to find out that Nicky is happy and missed me too. He wished we could have more time together and he told me that God is watching over me. He said not to feel sad as he understood why I had to do what I had to do. Now, I am able to let him go and realize that he was part of my journey to discover myself. He taught me about unconditional love and also, to be able to love myself. I am so much at peace now. Thank you Oribel. Quotes
Josephine O., Singapore
Pet Consultaton Services - Animals in Spirit

Quotes It was a new experience for me! It was very refreshing and exciting. Oribel has opened my mind to a whole new world! And Oribel is providing a great service for all animal lovers! We are all ONE! Quotes
Hamida Z. Z., Singapore
Animal Communication with Your Pets

Quotes Oribel showed great sensitivity and kindness to us at the time when we were about to lose our beloved boy. Our grief was made all the more bearable by the message she was able to channel through from him. I am forever grateful for this. Thank you Oribel. Quotes
Viv T., United Kingdom
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