Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


Quotes A serene, energized morning with Oribel. I am grateful for this experience. Quotes
The Gaia Connection

Quotes So touched by all the messages. Tonight as I was walking home, I couldn't help say thank you to every tree on my way. I was aware of the sky, the breeze, the grass, the stars, people around me - so much open heartedness. Thank you for this blessing & gift, Oribel. I love you. Quotes
The Living Earth Speaks - Inspiring Talk & Movie Night

Quotes This is so beautiful and it made me cry... I still feel such deep sadness for the loss of this exquisite creature. Quotes
Catherine Graham
Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe - Nature Videos by Oribel

Quotes Thank you for a wonderful, beautiful and soul moving video. As usual your visual presentation matches the profound words of wisdom. Thank you again, for being a good citizen of Mother Earth, the Universe and Humanity. Quotes
Earth Teach Me - Nature Videos by Oribel

Quotes Thanks Oribel for the wonderful session! We felt so relaxed and at peace after the entire session...good way to wind down and gain some inspiring wisdom from Mother Nature. Would recommend this event to all! Quotes
The Living Earth Speaks - Inspiring Talk & Movie Night

Quotes Hi Oribel, it was such an experience attending your workshop. I've always wanted to commune with nature, talk to the trees and plants, but never really dared do it on my own (because people would just think I'm mad, haha!) So your workshop provided me an opportunity to do it proper. And although there were people watching, what the heck! Haha! I learnt to trust myself. I learnt to trust what came to my mind when connecting with those trees. It was extremely rewarding, sharing the messages I got. And it's something I can and will apply when it comes to all other forms of spirituality. You are a gifted teacher, with such a calm and grounding energy - just like Mother Nature herself! You also have a way with words, and you really put much into all the handouts you gave us. May all those who come under your wing be blessed with your wisdom and your example. Please continue propagating nature's messages and living out your divine mission! Quotes
Oliver S., Singapore
Nature Communication Group Workshop

Quotes This workshop has been extremely insightful and useful! Oribel's teaching style is well structured with specific processes that are easy to apply. It is amazing how her methods have helped me connect easily with animals even on the first lesson. Quotes
Pet Communication Private Tutorial

Quotes The workshop was both enriching and enlightening as I felt connected to my pet cat. The sense of peace, love and serenity throughout the two days was palpable. I enjoyed it very much as I am now aware that I can communicate with my cat and she with me. Thank you so much Oribel. Quotes
Indira, Singapore
Pet Communication Group Workshop

Quotes Oribel has been a real gem in my life and has helped my cat, Karma, to communicate & relate better to me. I first enlisted her help about a year ago, when my other cat passed away. Karma was in mourning and off his food, depressed and dispirited. She communicated with him, sent Angelilc Reiki & recommended an orchid essence to alleviate the emotional burden. He improved significantly, both emotionally & physically after a while, alongside supervision from the Vet. Oribel has been responsive and sensitive, acceding to my requests for further communication & advice after that incident. When Karma fell ill early this yr. she spoke to him again, & helped me to understand and empathize with his discomfort. He was diagnosed with mild gastritis & needed admission into the Cat Clinic. Oribel communicated with him during his convalescence and reassured him, which perked up his spirits & mood. - to continue - Quotes
Vanessa P., Singapore
Pet Communication and Healing

Quotes - continued - Oribel helped me realize the sensitivity of our pets, how intuitive they are, and how much they need to possess a niche in our lives, yet at the same time, give us the space to be individuals, for a healthy & enduring relationship. Thanks so much! You are invaluable and wonderful. Quotes
Vanessa P., Singapore
Pet Communication and Healing
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