Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


Quotes The most enriching fulfilling and exhilarating class I have had.. Thank you Oribel for opening the gates for me to connect with my babies on a different plane and also to bring so much consciousness in me.. I couldn't have asked for anything more.. you are a beautiful soul thank you, thank you so much for it all.. Quotes
Roopali Martis
Pet Communication Workshop

Quotes The workshop was an amazing but also a sad experience for me. Amazing because I could talk to animals,insects,plants and trees. Sad because I realise that all these species can't speak to any human when they are in trouble, just like Harambe, the gorilla. Quotes
Gwenneth Lee - 9-years old
Animal and Nature Communication Workshop

Quotes Thank you Oribel Divine for the wonderful and beautiful two days we had together. Gwen, who is 9-years old, is not one who takes instructions well and cant really keep still, so I deeply appreciate your patience and guidance. Fate has brought us together and you have made Gwen realize she can do it. She has learnt to appreciate nature more. Daily without fail she thanks her water, soil, grass, etc. Quotes
Lin Teo
Nature Communication Workshop

Quotes I strongly recommend Oribel's animal communication and nature workshops as it is an eye opener at all levels. She's a very patient and gentle teacher in guiding you to use your gift. I've practiced the skills taught with my pet and it certainly changed the way I bond with my pet daily! and I've seen positive outcome from my pet's behaviours after communication with her. Thanks Oribel! Quotes
Tze Wan, Singapore
Nature Communication & Pet Communication Workhsops

Quotes I find out about the workshop from Oribel as she had been advising and helping me communicate with cats for the last year and a half. I was motivated by her positivity and her passion for nature and animals. The course was very inspiring, and it taught me about insights and balance, and how important it is to connect with our pets who love us unconditionally. Once we connect and communicate with them, this provides a more meaningful and enduring relationship with them. Thanks Oribel! Quotes
Vanessa, Singapore
Pet Communication Group Workshop

Quotes The 2 days Pet Communication Workshop on 4th & 5thJune 2016 facilitated by Ms Oribel Divine was an eye opener as we deal with pets daily. We were pleasantly surprised that we could consciously communicate intuitively as well as through telepathy with our own pet. The tools and techniques to strengthen connections and communication skills unveils the 'gift, we are bestowed with to connect with all species on the planet. An inspiring programme highly recommended for pet and nature lovers. Oribel is doing an excellent service to mankind. Kudos! Quotes
Shirley, Sachiel and Jaiakumar
Pet Communication Workshop

Quotes The 2 hours spent in Oribel's session were amazing. Forgetting about your daily lives, walking barefoot on grass, feeling trees and flowers.....Hats off....!!! Quotes
Sameer D.
The Gaia Connection

Quotes Oribel has a systematic teaching method which makes learning easier.She was very patient during the workshop and was always encouraging & affirmative in her comments and actions. Even after the course she has remained very helpful and responsive to additional queries that I may have. I have definitely benefited from attending the Pet Communication Workshop! Quotes
Leanne W.
Pet Communication Private Tutorial

Quotes Beautiful and important message. Thank you for sharing, dear friend!!! Quotes
Susanne Feddern
Earth Mother Speaks - Nature Videos by Oribel

Quotes WoW...this lesson brought me to tears with the energy it brought. Thank you!. Quotes
Mount Fuji Represents the Unified We - Nature Videos by Oribel
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