Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.



On Demand Tier Fee:
4 to 5-in-a-class:  $500/person
6 to 10-in-a-class:  $480/person

* Choose 2 weekdays or a weekend of your choice
* 5 hours of lessons on each day. * Total 10 hours
* Oribel will book a venue

This is a certified course.
A certificate of completion will be
awarded to each participant who
completes the program.

" I am totally amazed by my experience during and after the workshop.  I urge those who wish to have a  two-way communication with their pets and/or other animals to learn this skill."

"Even before I attended this workshop, I have observed that my dogs are able to communicate with each other without making any noise or looking at each
other.  I only realized that they are
actually communicating with each other using telepathy during this workshop."

"When I had my first try at communicating with Peachy, a dog I do not know, its response were so fast.  I was astonished that I actually could see Peachy's silhouette with my eyes closed when I made the connection.  It was jumping excitedly.  I received the answers even before I could string the words to complete my questions. " 
- Jamie


This practical, experiential two-day workshop gives you an excellent foundation in communicating with your beloved animal companions as well as learn easy and advanced techniques.  Oribel guides you in developing your natural telepathic abilities through proven techniques and exercises; and you engage in real communication with your pets and other people's pets.

Highlight:  Healing with Archangel Ariel and the Devas


  • overview of the animal connection to humanity and their purpose
  • building blocks to begin communicating with pets
  • how to hold a meaningful conversation
  • recognize empowering communication vs fear-based communication
  • experience remote viewing through your pets
  • many opportunities to communicate with your own pets and pets you don't know
  • the do's and don'ts in pet communication
  • exercises to enhance your telepathy and intuition


  • teach your pets new tasks and change behaviors
  • how to resolve disputes between your pets
  • how to deal with death and illness
  • do pets re-incarnate and if so, how?
  • communicate with your pets who have passed on
  • hold deep conversations with your current pets
  • give energy healing to your pets with Archangel Ariel and the Devas (Nature Angels) 

Using only photos of the animals you connect with them energetically.  They can be anywhere in the world and you will be able to communicate with them.  This is quantum!

With practice, and coaching from Oribel, you will leave the workshop with the ability to communicate meaningfully with your pets, understand their concerns, counsel and guide them through their challenges, you will enjoy a deeper connection with them.

By connecting and communing with anmals in the wild and the zoo, you will experience the world through their perspective.

Take note:  

1 - You will be using your pet's photos during the workshop.  No pets?  No worries.  Ask to work with a family member's pet or a friend's pet.  This way you and your friend or family member and their pets will benefit from this workshop.

2 - Pets are not allowed in this workshop.

3 - Pet Communication does not replace veterinary health care or pet training

4 - The first step in pet communication is to practice using images of the animal.  This way you do not get distracted by the animal's presence and actions.  In time, and with practice, you will be able to communicate with pets in person.

5 - Workshop does not include private pet communication or pet counseling services by Oribel.  She will help guide students on how to best address their pet's issues using tools shared during the lessons.

6 - You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.