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Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.



This is something that one of my students shared with me. She put into practice one of the exercises she learned in our time together during the animal communication program that I facilitate. All the names have been changed to protect her privacy.

May and her husband have two dogs. One has been with them for several years now and her name is Trudy. Whereas the other is still a puppy and had joined their family only recently.

Several days after taking my program Animal Communication, May decided to play the word game with Trudy. So they sat together and May began the game by asking Trudy to send her a word. May received the word “pain”. She was concerned and asked Trudy if she was in pain. Trudy replied with sending May a second word – “heartache”.

And the mystery unraveled as Trudy explained to May that she always gets a scolding from her humans when she pees at inappropriate places although the new dog did it more often and didn’t get reprimanded. And Trudy said that her heart aches when this happens.

May apologized to Trudy and told her husband about the incident. And she promised not to practice double standards with her dogs ever again because that would create unnecessary jealousy, hurt feelings, and disharmony. This incident brought Trudy and May closer and Trudy would share many things with May, especially if Trudy needs help in understanding certain situations happening in the household.

This exercise shows that our pets have feelings too. And like children, they do compare how they are being treated with their other siblings. If you have pets, pls. take a moment to check if you give them equal treatment. All is well in the family when there is true communion between each member.

Oribel Joy Divine
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