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Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

Welcoming your Raja Kayu into Your Life


First and foremost, congratulate yourself for making the decision to acquire a piece of Raja Kayu.  If you have been gifted one, lucky you!

I believe that a piece of Raja Kayu wood is sacred.  Its purpose is many-fold.  And the ones that have been harvested from the jungle floors are especially here to assist humanity in our evolution.   It has a consciousness and its own powerful abilities.    We can begin our new relationship with this sacred wood by acknowledging their contribution in playing a supporting role in our evolution.

This is what you do:

All beings need to feel welcome.  The Raja Kayu wood is no exception.  So you integrate a welcome message into your first communion with your wood.

1 - Hold your Raja Kayu product in your hands, if you have a single piece.  If you have more than one product, place them all together closely on a table and hold both your hands with palms facing them.

2 - Address the wood piece(s) by gently looking at them and saying out loud but softly to them:

     Dear Raja Kayu,

     I welcome you into my life.  Thank you for supporting me in the most benevolent way you know how,

     and in ways that I cannot even conceive.  And I shall do my part.  And so it is.

3 - Feel your gratitude for the wood.  Stay in this position for several seconds.  And then let go and know that your Raja Kayu piece(s) heard you and is supporting you in ways you cannot even conceive.

However, if you own a piece of Raja Kayu and would like to give it away to another person, then you need to address it differently.

This is what you do, a day before or on the same day of gifting it to someone else:

1 - Hold your Raja Kayu product in your hands.

2 - Address the wood by gently looking at it and saying out loud but softly:

     Dear Raja Kayu,

     I thank you for your support these past few weeks/past few months etc.  

     I am now letting you go so you may support another.  I am asking you to support my friend, xxxxxxxx etc. 

     in the most benevolent way and give unto her/him what she/he needs in her/his evolution in ways only you know how.  

     Thank you.

3 - Feel gratitude for the wood and be open to receive any messages or energies from your Raja Kayu friend.  And then let go and know that your message has been received by the wood.  Feel happy for that someone who is about to receive your gift of protection and healing.

4 - On the day your friend receive your gift, tell her/him about this sacred communion and share this page with her/him.

At anytime, you may address your Raja Kayu wood as you would a friend.  And please feel free to change the words of any of the messages above.  What is important is that you welcome it into your life because it wants to feel welcome wherever it finds itself.  To make another feel welcome is an invitation to connect at a deeper level.

Utmost Importance

  • You area asked not to hurt another physically, person, animal or plant, with any of your Raja Kayu items.  If you do, out of defence etc, you are asked to heal the person, animal or plant using the same piece of Raja Kayu that was used to hurt them in the first place.
  • This is not a toy.  So please use your intuition and discernment in sharing your Raja Kayu items with children.  Example:  If you have a Raja Kayu wand or rod, children may use it as a sword as play not realizing they may hurt another.  A good suggestion is not to have children access to these items.

If you have any question about this process, please write to me using the contact form.

May health and happiness be yours in 2015,