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Raja Kayu Testimonials

If you are a Raja Kayu owner and would like to contribute your story, please write to us using the form on the left, and we will include it on this page.  Stories help to enlighten and educate others.  We all learn together.

Please enjoy the stories and share them with others if you feel to.  


Earthly Gift that supports Human Healing & Balance
Pia Orleane and Cullen Smith, Messenger for Laarkma

We are most grateful to Oribel for introducing us to the magic of the healing Raja Kayu wood from Malaysia. We find that this wood has special properties that promote a harmonious state of health no matter what the particular challenge may be.

Sleeping with the wood in pillow form helps to alleviate the inability to sleep. In fact, we found that disruptive sleep patterns were soothed almost instantly through the presence of this special wood. Additionally, it seems to calm states of irritation (both physical, such as skin irritations and emotional, such as frustration).

The tea helps to clear digestive distress and toxic imbalances. The Raja Kayu wood has a protective quality that one can feel by simply holding the wood or wearing it. Its beauty can be both seen and felt, and we now keep it with us almost all of the time.

We are deeply grateful to Oribel for bringing this Earthly gift into our awareness, and we are grateful for the wood’s willingness to support human healing and balance.


Amazing Miracle from Mother Nature
Yeshe Dolma, Certified Yoga Instructor

When I bought my first Raja kayu piece I brought my pendulum along to test the strength of the energy from the wood. It was simply mind blowing. When I held the pendulum above each piece to select those with the strongest energy, most of the pieces had my pendulum rotating clockwise with such force and intensity after just holding it a minute or two.

The rotation of the pendulum was so powerful that It was actually moving my wrist in a clockwise manner too and also the pendulum and its chain were moving in an almost horizontal plane like the blades of a helicopter. I didn’t move my hand but because the energy was so strong it moved my wrist in a circular motion.

And some months after that when I laid down to rest with two of my Raja Kayu logs on my chest, it was like an instant miracle.  Immediately I felt relieved of my discomfort and I felt my energy balanced and I felt healed with good energy from the wood. Simply an amazing miracle from Mother Nature!


Goodbye Smelly Feet
Dato' T. L. Lee

I applied the Raja Kayu Herbal Powder on my feet because I had Athlete’s Foot. After two weeks the condition improved and the Athlete’s Foot went away.


The Amazing Raja Kayu
Madam Beh Ah Hong, Reflexology Doctor

I’ve been using Raja Kayu products for sometime now, personally and professionally. And I’d like to share with you my experiences.

The Beauty Bar helps make my skin clear and fair. I find that my body odor is controlled. I use the Herbal Powder in a burner. I find that it creates a positive energy in the room and it also helps kill bacteria in the atmosphere. This is important in my work as I do reflexology on my clients. I feel very safe as I do not absorb any negative energies and germs during their detox process. It is important for me to stay healthy and disease free as I serve my clients.

I like using the Raja Kayu massage oil because it has a natural smell and smooth to the touch during massaging, and improves blood circulation.

Another product I use all the time in my practice is the Raja Kayu massage tools.  These massage tools carry positive energy.  When I massage my clients with these wooden tools, they help expel, not absorb, bad energy from the body.  So I feel very safe in using them throughout the day, working on one client to the next.  No bacteria or disease is passed on from one person to another.


Peaceful Sleep
Chai, Landscape Designer

I use to have problems sleeping.  Each morning I would wake up feeling tired as I suffered from interrupted sleep. And this worried me.  But ever since I slept with a Raja Kayu herbal pillow, I have no problems sleeping at all.  In fact I feel well rested each morning when I wake up.  I hardly have any dreams that disturb my sleep.   I am really grateful for the pillow.  It has helped me a lot.  I believe a good night's sleep is important because it affects my entire day.


I either hug it, or place it close to my face.  I feel really good having it with me when I sleep.  Thank you Raja Kayu pillow.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wouold like to sleep better.


The Raja Kayu Herbal Pillow used by Chai for a better night's rest.



Two Thumbs Up
Mrs Cheah, Homemaker

Earlier this year I experience pain in both my thumbs, especially the left side.  I couldn't bend both thumbs.  I met and spoke to my doctor who advised me to observe the situation for the next few weeks.  He said that if the problem persists then there is no choice but to perform an operation.

I left the doctor's office feeling very determined to find a cure for it.  I remember about the healing properties of the Rajah Kayu tea.  So I started drinking the tea made from 2 tea bags each day.  I did this for about two months and I noticed that the pain in both my thumbs slowly receded and I could bend both thumbs.  After two months my thumbs are back to normal as if the problem never happened.  I did'nt visit the doctor because I don't need to.  And I am so glad I avoided an operation on my thumbs.

I am still drinking the tea but at a lighter dosage now - 1 tea bag to last me 2 days.  I am grateful to Raja Kayu.


Raja Kayu my New Best Friend
Reuben Wong, 18 yrs,
Upcoming Next-generation Energy Healer & Teacher

Wow!  I bought a piece of Raja Kayu wood from Oribel at the Heart Mind and Body Festival in September 2014.

That night, while I was going home, I put the Raja Kayu pocket buddy into my right trouser pocket.  It was placed between my mobile phone and my right upper thigh...and INSTANTLY I started to feel SO MUCH LIGHTER like weights were literally lifted off my whole body!  I never thought electromagnetic radiation/EM waves could feel so heavy!  And just today, about 2 months later, I was using my tablet computer and I felt my eyes becoming rather dry and slightly painful (you know the feeling after you spend way too long staring at the computer screen).  Then I just randomly took the RK pocket buddy and placed it between myself and the tablet.  And guess what?  My eyes quickly, like within a few seconds, felt normal again and I could continue using my tablet.  I tried taking the RK pocket buddy away and looked at the tablet again.  And the stinging feeling in my eyes came back.  I tried it a few more times; whenever I placed the RK pocket buddy between myself and the tablet, the 'tablet glare' would disappear!  It's like sunglasses for EM radiation!  Wow, I am really fascinated and truly amazed by this gift from nature….brought to me by Oribel.

So I would like to buy more RK pocket buddies from Oribel.  They are for my family and friends, and also some more for myself.  I would like to buy the bigger one that looks like a mini tree trunk, please. :D

Thank you Oribel!  Raja Kayu is my new best friend!


The piece of Raja Kayu Pocket Buddy

that Reuben used to protect himself from the electromagnetic radiation from his mobile phone and computer tablet.



Rashes No More
Suming, Care-Giver & Family Support Group
Perak, Malaysia

We were on a nature outing in Lake Temengor, Perak. On the second day I had an allergic reaction - either to some plant or insect as we trekked in the forest around the lake.  My hands were swollen, there was a rash all over my body and my eyes were red.

Fortunately I had my Raja Kayu walking stick so I put one end of it into my hot water flask, let it steep and drank the water. I continued this for a few hours and the symptoms all subsided.

Never go into the wild without your Raja Kayu!

* I use the Raja Kayu stick because I remember this is what the jungle people use for medicine.

Suming's swollen hand with rashes and her Raja Kayu walking stick steep in hot water

Suming with her walking stick at the Elephant  salt lick at the Lake Temengor trip.


more testimonials will be forthcoming