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Raja Kayu or King of All Woods

From the Mountainous Jungles of Perak, Malaysia

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Notes from Oribel

It was a beautiful sunny day in August 2014 when I met a friend for the first time in the Singapore Botanic Gardens  She handed me a piece of Raja Kayu measuring about 2.5 inches in diameter.  I held it between both my palms and I felt its strong energies running up both my arms.  That's when I knew this is a very special wood.

A couple of months later I visited Malaysia where I get my supply of Raja Kayu products.  I was very fortunate to have seen the original logs of the majestic Raja Kayu before they were being trimmed down to size and polished to create the final products.  Please take note of an orb that appeared on the left of this image of me in the wood shed.  Orbs are celestial bodies or inter-dimensional energies.

Please also take note that these logs were harvested by the Orang Asli or Malaysian indigenous from tree limbs that had fallen to the ground deep in the jungles where they live.  They were not harvested directly off the trees themselves.  This is how we respect trees, we wait till they offer themselves to us.

There are logs that are taller than me and others shorter.  And the much larger pieces, like the tree trunks, are made into furniture (which are not shown in this image).  


If you have a group of friends of 4 or more, who would like to experience these Raja Kayu products before purchasing, please write me a note in the contact form provided.  I'll arrange for a venue in Singapore for your group to meet up and you'll get to experience the different products - feel, touch, drink it, apply the beauty and health products, adorn the accessories.  There is even a pillow that will help you experience a sound sleep.  How much better can it get?

We have past and present customers who have gained so much from using our Raja Kayu products.  Read their testimonials.  You may discover general information on Raja Kayu and its health benefits on this website.

Want to purchase Raja Kayu Products?

Simply visit the products and pricing page and complete the order form to let us know which product you are interested in purchasing and we will check our stock and set the items aside for you.  We will invoice you and as soon as payment is made we will mail the item(s) to you.

If you live outside Singapore and would like to purchase any of the products, be sure to check that there is no prohibition from importing wood products into your country.

Please enjoy browsing through the Raja Kayu pages and I'm sure you will find something that resonates with you.

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