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Raja Kayu or King of all Woods

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection
in support of your Health and Well Being

a wood much revered by the Indigenous in South East Asia is now available to you


The Living Earth Heals



How a Raja Kayu piece can help protect us
from our mobile phone's radiation.

The image below is of a variety of Cassia Fistula that is flowering, but is not of the jungle variety.  This particular species is commonly found growing along road sides and parks in Singapore.  The Orang Asli explained that the Raja Kayu species found in the mountanous jungles of Perak grow amongst other trees and bushes that they are not able to take a clear image of it.


The  scientific name for this tree is Cassia Fistula, and the common name is Golden Shower Tree.

There are many varieties of Cassia Fistula.  There are the ones that are grown for the purpose of making traditional herbal medicines and this is used widely in India, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.  The flowers, leaves, bark, and roots are harvested for this purpose.


The information that you are about to read is specific to the Raja Kayu trees and products that originate from the mountainous jungles in Perak, Malaysia.  Only the trees' trunk and branches are collected for purpose of creating these products.  The resin found in this part of the tree is the active ingredient.

About Raja Kayu

Raja Kayu or King of all woods, command its majestic power in the deep interior jungles of South East Asia. These trees grow up to higher than 35 feet in height in the jungles.  The Malaysian indigenous or Orang Asli who live in the jungles have sound knowledge of trees that emanate ‘magical’ properties. To them, Raja Kayu, is the most powerful talisman they carry for protection to ward off negative energies, and to assist them in physical and spiritual healings. They depend on trees like Raja Kayu for their livelihood too.

How they are harvested

The indigenous wait till the limbs of the trees naturally fall to the ground. They would then pick up the fallen branches from the jungle floor, covered by leaves and other debris. They would next remove the bark and they are kept for personal use or sold to people outside the community. These trees are matured, hence their essence or purpose are fully realized.


The wood is used for many purposes by the indigenous and to name a few of them:

herbal medicine, ward off negative and dark energies, possess positive energy and expel negative forces, attract majestic luck in things they do, attract business, fortune and happiness, instill confidence and courage.

However, outside the indigenous community, they too have esoteric and medicinal uses.  

How Raja Kayu help us:

In esoteric ways for our well being

  • bracelets and pendants for self-protection from dark energies
  • Bhuddist prayer beads
  • amulets or talismans to create positive flow and abundance
  • enhance wealth and career opportunities
  • help attract business, fortune and happiness
  • instill confidence and courage
  • enhance personal charm and increase attractiveness
  • reduce jealousy, accusations and rumors 
  • strengthen friendship and create cooperation
  • protect household and enhance house safety
  • help bring good energies into our home
  • possess positive energy and expel negative forces
  • counter black magic and ward off evil spirits
  • promotes good chi
  • remove negative chi from our aura
  • create positive flow in your life

In support of our health

  • energy balancer for mobile phones, wifi and electrical equipment
  • tools for healing the body by TCM and reflexology practitioners
  • prevent insomnia and promote a good night's sleep
  • eliminate bacteria in the air
  • help prevent athritis
  • help ease and eliminate physical aches and pains
  • help combat Bromodosis (smelly feet) and Athlete's Foot
  • help detox body systems
  • help brighten and create a clearer complexion
  • anti inflamatory 

The benefits listed above are experienced by people who have purchased and used Raja Kayu products.  Each person's experience is unique and may differ person to person.  Details are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for medical, legal, psychiatric or any other professional advice of any nature.

Many place a piece of Raja Kayu in their purses, attach to mobile phones, or use as key chain charms.   Bigger blocks of wood are placed in corners of rooms and near computers.  The wood has a very high frequency force field that helps eliminate or transmute any inappropriate energies like radiation that are found in the vicinity and neutralize them.  They are very grounding and expansive, both at the same time and hold a very high vibration.  The powder form of Raja Kayu can be burn over a burner to help eliminate bacteria in the atmosphere.

The Raja Kayu products sold on this website are derived fom the trunks and branches of this species originally harvested from the mountainous jungle floors of Perak, Malaysia.  The blocks, discs and pendants have been trimmed, and polished and yet they still retain their almost natural raw form.  Only non-chemical olive oil has been used to polish them.

If you are outside Singapore and would like to purchase any Raja Kayu products from this website, please ensure that your country do not prohibit import of wood items.  These products are only sold to individual end users and not for re-sale or distribution.  View the complete range here.