Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

The Pet Companion

The perfect wood to help your pet feel safe, secure and relax.  When a rabbit was interviewed by Oribel to share

its experience with this 8-inch Raja Kayu rod, the rabbit responded:

" The wood has a very soothing energy that is calm and make me feel safe that I easily fall asleep next to it. "

Cats and dogs love them too.

Size -  8 inches (length) x upto 0.75 inch (diameter), weighing up to 90gms

Price -  S$11.00


* all Raja Kayu products featured and sold on this website were harvested by the Indigenous

from the floors of the mountainous jungles of Perak, Malaysia


All Pets would love a Raja Kayu Pet Companion.

Cats, rabbits, and dogs have benefited from having one.

Meet Play, a 16-year old male
cat. When he first received his
Pet Companion he sat close to it and looked at it intently.

He next got closer to it.
Then he touched it
with his paws and face.

And soon he felt
very safe and comfortable
with it and stretched
himself with his underbelly
touching the Pet Companion.
He too fell asleep.


Meet Ruki, the 7-year old
local Netherland Dwarf rabbit.
She loves being with her
Pet Companion.

Ruki described the energies
of the wood as 
soothing and calming
and she feels safe with it.
She easily falls asleep when
she is near it.


Belle is a poodle and her human mum, Jeannie, were recently introduced to the pet companion.  See what Jeannie and Belle thinks about this product:

" Thank you for introducing this wonderful Raja Kayu.  It is really that amazing.  Belle falls asleep very fast and can feel she's very calm in her sleep.  It works on me too.  Now both of us sleep like babies." - Jeannie