Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

Quantum Prayers & Pure Intent


In this new energy, we are done with being survivors.  Instead we are guided to be masters.  Our Creator DNA is increasing in its efficacy.  The question then is how do we pray as masters and creators?  How do we maintain mastery wtihout grovelling and giving away our power?

We pray as co-creators of what we are asking for, and knowing that we have help.  Help from our Higher Self, from our partners in the spiritual realm and from the Universe itself.  Our true HOME.


Praying for Solutions in this New Energy

For every problem there is a solution. This is how the system works. The question is how do we ask for solutions without giving away our power? Without grovelling? We do it with grace knowing that we are worthy of receiving them and of them being revealed to us in many ways. In ways that we cannot even conceive with our human mind.

Here is a prayer suggestion (see below) on how to ask Spirit for solutions. Say these words loud enough for your ears to hear them. Say the prayer with full knowledge that it is being sent to the highest heavens for it to be fulfilled. And then, be conscious and open to how they will appear to you. It could be something someone say to you, or something you overheard, or a word that pop up from a FB post. Be open to intuitive thoughts that come to you. Take action when you are guided to. The key is to be present because then you would be in an aware state.  

And the next day give thanks to Spirit for making you understand that all your problems are already solved. The momentum for keeping yourself open to receiving the solution is about trusting and having faith. Keep your thoughts and words positive.  And smile knowing that you got help from the highest order.  It cannot get any better than this.

Pure Intent for Solutions

In addition to the prayer, the very next day,  make a proclamation to take the power to co-create with Spirit solutions to all your problems.

You may say this intention whenever you feel your faith waving or you may say it at the start of each new day.  Here's what you say and make it loud enough so your ears can hear your words.  And a reminder:  if at any moment of the day you feel doubtful about solutions appearing to you, take a deep breath to align with Spirit and give thanks, "Thank you Spirit for making me understand that all my problems are already solved.  And I'm grateful for this."

These are new habits that only a Master understands.  And you are becoming a Master.  It's about creating new empowering

behaviors and patterns.  The Universe has faith in you.  It is time you have faith in yourself and your abilities.

Please also remember that when you overcome each problem, give thanks to Spirit and the Universe for coming through.

The energy of gratitude creates for more of these experiences.