Oribel Joy Divine

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


Using animal communication Oribel will communicate with your pet(s) to ask questions on your behalf.  Or do you need to convey an important message to let it know of major changes in the family unit?  Perhaps it is a behavioral situation you want solve?  Let Oribel help you with your pet.  Request for a chat with her.

After you chat, please provide the information below and make an on-line payment for the service.  using yuor Paypal account/credit card or a bank transfer.  Once payment is received Oribel will schedule an appointment for your pet.  Please complete the form below and submit at least 2 days prior to the appointment.


Oribel will spend 20-30 minutes to chat with your pet.  The length of time is dependent on the attention span of your pet and if he/she is nearing his/her rest time.  She will cover as many questions as possible in the time she spends with your pet.

Please provide the questions in order of priority.  The last thing Oribel will do is ask your pet if he/she has any question or message for you.  Oribel will convey to you her experience and conversation with your pet.   This will be done eithe over a phone call or via a typed report.

If you have any queries on the process please use the contact form.


Registration and Communion Form

Thank you for completing the form. You will hear from Oribel with the confirmed date and approximate time of the appointment with your pet.

After communication with your pet, you will receive a report between 48 - 76 hours thereafter.

Thank you and kind regards,
The Living Earth Speaks
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Check List

1  -  Make payment

2  -  Complete and submit the Registration and Communion Form

3 -   Email pet's photograph

All the above must be fulfilled before the communion takes place.


Option 1 - ATM or Electronic Funds Transfer to a DBS bank account

*  Please inform Oribel via sms or Whatsapp after payment transfer is made.  Thank you.

Option 2 - On-line Credit Card or Paypal Account

Please use the button below to affect payment.  Thank you.

Fee S$95.00
telephone call report

Fee S$120.00
digital report via email

Behavioral Situation
Fee S$120 and above
telephone call report

Behavioral Situation
Fee S$150 and above
digital report via email

Behavioral Situation
Fee S$160
house visit

Pets in Death Transition
Fee S$160 and above
Your Home

Communicating with Deceased Pets
80 minutes

Consultation on
Pet Energy

Fee S$100
SKYPE Video Session
Fee S$125
In Personal with Oribel


Photograph of your Pet(s)

Please email a most recent clear full color photograph of your pet to:

   [email protected]


If you have chosen to receive a digital report of the communication between Oribel and your pet, please take note that you will receive it within 2 to 3 days after the appointment with your pet.

Pets in Death Transition
* This is a house visit
 When a pet is transitioning, 
 get help from Oribel on how to
 best say goodbye, receive
 messages, and last requests.

 She will also give an Angelic
 Reiki session to assist your pet
 in their transition.

 S$160 - 80 minutes
 S$200 - 110 minutes
 Communicating with 
 Deceased Pets
 Let Oribel take you on a
 journey to meet your beloved
 pet who transitioned.
 Share from your heart all that
 you ever wanted to say but
 never did when it was still in
 the physical world.  You will
 accomplish a sense of closure,
 completion, and healing.

 Receive an Angelic Reiki 
 Healing Crystal to assist you in
 your grieving process.

 Fee: S$145
        your home or consult. room
 Pet Healing with
 Angelic Reiki
 For pet's overall health and
 wellbeing, during death transition,
 pets with athritis, and facing

  S$120 - 4-session distant healing
  S$120 - hands-on healing + report
              upto 45 mins. at your home
 Consultation on Pet Energy
 for Humans
 Have a chat with Oribel about
 your pets illness and behaviors.
 Discover the esoteric and
 energetic reasons behind them.
 Fee: S$100/S$125 - upto 50 mins.