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The Living Tree Orchid Essences

Everyday  Essences  For  You and Your  Pets

Orchid essences that will help heal and balance you and your pet's energies

The Living Tree Ochid Essences are a collection of flower essences created from greenhouse orchids on the Isle of Gigha in Scotland.

What is unique about these essences is that the orchid essences are acquired without cutting the blossom from the stem

of the plant and the plants are not harmed.  They contain the suble bio-electric healing energies of flowers,

suspended in water and preserved with alcohol.

We hand-picked 7 essences or remedies that are commonly consumed by both humans and animals and we present them here.  They have been successfully used by practitioners and pet owners all over the world to address the more common challenges faced by their beloved animal companions.  These essences are available in 15ml drops.

Only Angelic Canopy and White Beauty come in 15ml drops and 60ml and 120ml aura sprays.

* The alcohol content is safe for both animal and human consumption.

symbol signifies that the essence can be consumed by both animals and humans


lost hope
pre-trauma remedy

This essence helps  nurture and has the ability to overcome suffering from lost hope or despair.  Balm for the troubled soul/pet.

When to apply example (for pets):

Before visiting the vet or before a thunderstorm begins.

The aura spray for this essence can be used to cleanse the energies of a room.  Spray in corners of a room or areas where there are stuck energies and give intent to create a safe and loving space.


Stir 1 drop into drinking water and take twice daily.

* Dosage for humans is printed on bottle.

post-trauma remedy


A nurturing and loving energy descends into the crown chakra when you spray above your head,

relieves one of the tension which can accumulate during a working day, bringing an experience of unconditional love.  An uplifting, de-stressing and relaxing spray.

Addresses those strickened by trauma .  A post-trauma remedy.

When to apply example (for pets):

After visiting the vet or after experiencing a thunderstorm


Stir 2 drops into drinking water and take twice daily.

* Dosage for humans is printed on bottle.


Aura Spray

Positive Flow came into being to help create abundance.

This essence has a strong action on both the solar plexus as well as the ajana centre between the brows, also known as the 'third eye', and gives rise to a very strong "can do" feeling.

In these times of challenging national and global economic conditions, is is all too easy to fall into a sort of malaise of spirit, brought about in part by the incessant bad news on the TV each night, and in the papers each day.

Positive Flow helps us to immediately regain a strong and positive focus, and to make things happen in our lives.  Use the spray in the office or home to help get things flowing in a healthy and beneficial way.


Potentially a powerful experience of the 3rd eye, so can be useful for vision quests. This is the same orchid that made the essence New Vitality, but six months earlier when the blooms were in full alignment of direction, giving an intensity of energy to this essence. Use with care. Useful for meditation practices.


All images shown on this pg. are 15ml drops except for

Being Present which comes in 50ml or 100ml aura sprays.


Retail Price

             15ml drops             S$38/bottle

             50ml aura spray      S$40/bottle

             100ml aura spray    S$54/bottle

Payment by ATM transfer.

Price does not include packaging and postage.