Oribel Joy Divine

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

Because communication creates partnerships
+  Healing with Devas 
This is a certified course

July 8th - 9th
Saturday - 9.30am to 12.30pm  (3 hours)
Sunday - 9.30am to 11.30am  (2 hours)

 Fee - SGD $254/adult and $155/child

Nature Communication Workshop
Singapore Botanic Gardens
A UNESCO World Heritage Site

This is a certified course.
A certificate of completion will be awarded to each participant who completes the program.

" One of the many significant experiences that
I had, was communing with Vanda Miss Joaquim, where I kind of truly experienced what true telepathy felt like. It was like communication on a quantum level.  My thoughts were literally sent in 'packets' and 
I received similar 'packets of thoughts' from Vanda Miss Joaquim.  That was a true 'OMG' moment. "  -  Reuben


Re-kindling the partnership with the planet.

Many of you are drawn to nature and wish to either begin or deepen your relationship with the plant, animal, mineral and the elemental kingdoms.  Now more than ever we are asked to connect with nature to create harmony.

In this weekend class, Oribel takes you on a journey.  And this journey begins from the heart.  You will explore, engage, emerge and expand in all your communions in the gardens.  You will learn what deep listening is, because to love is to listen with your heart.

You will experience a direct and deep communion with the trees, plants, flowers, insects, animals, rocks, the elements and the Devas.  Anchor your experiences and reflect upon your communions to gain clarity, insights and wisdom. 

This journey will help you experience your connection with Mother Nature and it may trigger the essence of the role you are here to play to help support the evolution of our beautiful planet.  Know that human evolution is not separate from earth's evolution.  What happens to one affects the other.  At an intuitive level you already know this.

What you will learn and experience at this outdoor class: 

  • Learn, discover and experience using your intuition and telepathy skills
  • Commune with:
    -   Vanda Miss Joaquim 
    -   an 80-year old kapok tree 
    -   plants from the Bonsai Garden, Cactus Garden
    -   the waters of Saraca Stream
    -   trees from the Rain Forest
    -   animals in the wild - present and past
  • Communicate meaningfully with the species in the gardens and at a distance
  • Understand their perspectives and concerns
  • Learn simple shamanic practices you can do daily
  • Global Warming vs Climate Change - the truth and what we can do
  • Deepen your ability to know and relate to the natural world
  • Engage in practices to strengthen your intuition and communication skills
  • Give nature blessings and create healing for global environmental issues
  • Learn to send healing to trees, plants and wildlife

Oribel will introduce you to The Circle of Friends, the Tree People, the Dancing Ladies, the joyful frangipanis, and the Wise Kapok Tree.  These are just several of your new friends in the gardens who look forward to meeting and communing with you.


- Receive free Oribel's e-book Messages from the Living Library 

- Practice a simple and profound exercise given by the Two Whales to Oribel in 2016

- Experience oneness with the Universe in a simple exercise, you can do anytime.

- Commune with the elements from sacred places of our planet.

You will leave the outdoor classroom with the knowledge and practice of using a life-long tool, an ancient tool, of communicating with all living beings, you will gain clarity, confidence and trust in yourself, renewed hope in creating a thriving earth in these changing times.


Messages from Earth Mother/Gaia and the Giraffes of our planet.