Oribel Joy Divine

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


i am  oribel joy divine
a.k.a.  OJD

Conversing with flora, fauna and the elements is second nature to me. But it wasn’t always like this. My love affair with nature began in 2007 when I took a hiatus and spent 1.5 years visiting parks, gardens and the beach almost everyday.

Attending an animal communication workshop, and studying with the creator of Angelc Reiki helped paved the way to my working with pets and their human family in multiple ways. My strong connection to my Higher Self, my guides and the angelic realm/ascended masters provide me a knowingness and a strong foundation upon which I could draw on the knowledge and intuition I needed to assist others in their own evolution and overcoming their personal challenges.

Today I help people connect to their natural heritage through teaching animal and interspecies communication workshops. It is a privilege to show others how to be in alignment with the land. And I offer my communication and consultation services on pet energy. One of my growing passions is to share nature messages I receive through the videos I create and post on my Youtube channel Oribel38.

I feel that our species has lost the natural connection to the animals and our natural world. The connection I speak of is a form of communion that is heart-connected, meaningful and sustainable. Such communion can help us understand their real concerns, and in that understanding the appropriate solutions can be reached. And when solutions are acted upon, we and all species can live together in harmony.

All of nature including the animals that I commune with, share one common message. They all wish for us to treat them with more respect, to do no harm, to allow them the freedom to be and to live in harmony with the planet and within their own community.

I believe that this is the missing link to creating peace on earth - re-kindling the partnership we once had with our planet. Learning to communicate with and caring for our natural world will help us to understand our role as caretakers of this planet. This realization will help us create new systems and make better choices that honor and protect our animals and the natural environment, and care for one another.

This is not a pipe dream but a necessary and important vision for ALL to begin taking responsibility for. As caretakers we each play a role that may be unique to us, and we are passionate about. And when we leave this physical plane, we know we’ll leave behind a thriving planet for future generations to come.

The evolution of our planet is not separate from the evolution of our species. What happens to one affects the other.



Messages from the Living Library

This is Oribel's first e-book published in January 2017.  It's a compilation of messages she received from the animals, trees, plants, natural environment, and nature elements.  Accompanying their messages are breathtaking images and her story behind each encounter and a postscript following each message.

It's a book that you'd want to keep close to your heart, the space where you experience all connections.

Read more about the e-book and buy a copy from this website.

Messages from Nature in Videos