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How to care for your Raja Kayu


If you purchase a bead bracelet or pendant, it is advisable that you remove it before you come into contact with water.  If you don't, the wood's surface will appear dull with time.  Coming into contact with water will not diminish the power of the wood, only it's look.

To care for your wood, follow these steps:

1 - Wipe it dry with a clean cloth.   Squirt a small amount of polishing oil onto the cloth.  

2 - Gently polish the beads or wood surface and sides with the oiled cloth.  Put the wood aside to allow it to absorb the oil naturally.  

Soon your Raja Kayu product will look new again.  This method applies to all your Raja Kayu products.  Be sure to use a cloth that is chemical free.

DO NOT place anything hot on top of the RK surface eg. mug of hot tea or candle etc.  The heat will melt the resin content of the wood and this creates scaring on the surface.  It won't diminish the power of the wood but it will lose its esthetic attribute.

This website carries bottles of polishing oil for purchase.  The polishing oil consist of a combination of olive oil and white oil:

    12ml bottle  -  $1.50

    16ml bottle  -  $2.00

The 12ml bottles run out more frequently than the 16ml bottles.  Only 1 bottle a customer is allowed at point of purchase.  

Overseas Buyers:

As our postal office prohibit shipment of liquid substance, this includes the polishing oil, we are unable to include it with the products you purchased.


Other Polishing Oil you can use:

If you are unable to receive our polishing oil, we recommend the following:

1 - Baby oil for massage

2 - Olive oil for massage 

DO NOT use cooking oil

Test to see that the massage oil is not sticky.  Massage the oil into your skin and see if your skin is smooth and not sticky to the touch.