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Here are a few common issues experienced by many who are new or just beginning to perform Agnihotra:

- Sometimes the fire is so small when I utter the mantra and sometimes the fire grow big too early and then decrease in size at the point of uttering the mantra.  

- There were times when I waited a long time for the patties to catch fire in the pot.  And I miss the sunset time to say the mantra and all is wasted.

-  Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to ensure that the fire is at its optimum when I say the mantra?

-  Sometimes part of the patties didn't get burned and turn into ashes.  Sometimes it turn part charcoal, part ash and part in its original form.  I ended up having to turn them into fertiliser.

Suggestions on how to overcome the above challenges:

I've discovered a few things based on my observations and using the power of intention and visualisation. Here are a few things I do to overcome these challenges:

1 – I always make sure that the cowdung patties are dry. So I dry them in the sun every 3 - 4 days. Singapore’s humidity is high and moisture sets into the patties. When the sun dries them up the patties burn beautifully and there's 100% combustion i.e. the patties turn into ashes.

2 – Based on the amount of patties I use I have learned when to light up the fire before the sunrise/sunset timing. If I use 4 thin strips, apart from the base and starter pieces, I will light up 4-5 minutes before the sunrise/sunset timing. If I use more patties I will increase the time needed to light up the fire so that it’s at its optimum when I say the mantra. So be observant and adjust the timing when to begin light up the fire. It depends on the climate in your country and the season you’re in.  And it also depends on the thickness of the strips of patties placed in the pot.  I would cut the patty cake into strips of 1.5-cm. wide.  It takes experience from observing and taking note on this.  You also need to use your intuition to help guide you.

To learn how I arrange the patties in the Agnihotra pot for best outcome please refer to the page Arranging Patties in Pot on this website.

3 - I have on standby 1 or 2 extra strips of patties handy. And when it’s one minute before the mantra is uttered, and I see that the fire is dying out, I quickly smear 1 to 2 strips of patty with ghee and add it to the fire. This way the fire will grow again and big enough when we drop the rice offering into the pot.  This works like magic. And I realize that when I do #2 really well I don’t need to have the spare patties on hand.

4 – I always choose a thin patty as the starter so that it lights up easily before I place it into the center of the pot. Thick patty-starter takes a bit of time to light up and if the candle is not cooperating it takes almost a minute for the starter to begin firing up. When there’s a delay in starting the fire, the fire is small and not at its optimum when dropping the rice offering. So I always look at my stash of patties and choose one that is perfect thickness and size.

5 – I always give intent for a perfect Agnihotra. Here’s what I say out loud to myself (so my ears can hear) well before Agnihotra sunrise and sunset:

"Today’s sunset Agnihotra is perfect. The fire is at its optimum when I say the mantra. I easily drop my rice offering into the middle of the pot. All the patties turn into ashes because there is 100% combustion. And the ashes yield 100% pure Agnihotra ash for me to make ash medicine.  And may this healing be amplified a hundred times and more.  It is done!"

And during Agnihotra I envision the ashes all turned white with little or no carbon. And I give thanks (in my heart) for the 100% combustion and the beautiful and powerful healing for me and the planet.  And at the end of the Agnihotra session, after the fire dies out I say out loud my gratitude for another wonderful healing experience.

6 - The state of your being i.e. your composure is very important.  If you feel doubtful or fearful about the fire not going to be big enough or if you're not going to drop the rice offering into the center of the pot, you are basically setting yourself up for failure.  

The best thing to do is to trust the process because you have done your best in preparing for Agnihotra using the guidance as mentioned above.  It is best that after you've light up the fire you go into a meditative state and let the fire bring you peace inside and know that things always work out for you.  Remain positive, optimistic and trust.  Your intention and visualization is helping the cooperative components come together to create a perfect Agnihotra fire.

With practice, you will soon discover that you will always have a wonderful Agnihotra experience.

Oribel Joy Divine