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Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.


For a Wisdom-centered and Heart-based Alliance with the Planet

October 28th - 29th
Saturday & Sunday - 9.30am to 12.30pm  (6 hours total)
Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is a certified course


Interspecies Communication

Messages from Gaia

Energy Healing

Climate Change

Shamanic Practices


 Fee:  SGD $280/adult and  $175/child

This is a certified course.
A certificate of completion will be awarded to each participant who completes the program.

" One of the many significant experiences that
I had, was communing with Vanda Miss Joaquim, where I kind of truly experienced what true telepathy felt like. It was like communication on a quantum level.  My thoughts were literally sent in 'packets' and 
I received similar 'packets of thoughts' from Vanda Miss Joaquim.  That was a true 'OMG' moment. "  -  Reuben

Because communication creates partnerships.

GAIA and You

Learn practical tools to further enhance the connection and communication between the human being and Gaia, our earth mother, the elements, and the three kingdoms – animal, plant and mineral.

What you will learn and experience at this 6-hour outdoor class: 

  • Interspecies communication, using telepathy and intuition
  • Communicate meaningfully with all species and sentient beings, near and far
  • Shamanic exercises to welcome, give thanks and connect with all kingdoms
  • Utilize energies and colors to create harmony in our surroundings
  • Activate the human triad for higher communication and engage the universal triad for alignment with the planet
  • Experience nature’s gift of presence and her vast wisdom
  • How to use our higher consciousness to create our reality
  • Global warming vs climate change – why is this happening? Let Mother Earth explain this to you.
  • Receive messages from the Mountain People, the Plant People, the Whale People, and the Tree People.
  • How you as an individual and we as a collective can create beauty and harmony for the planet
  • Understand the difference between collective consciousness and individual consciousness
  • Energy Healing with Archangel Ariel and the Devas – Initiation & Practical
  • Experience a 6,000 year old fire ritual for planetary and self healing

How was Earth created and where did the animals, plants and rock formations come from? How will telepathic and intuitive communication benefit you and the planet? Why is it important to re-kindle our connection to the planet? All are revealed in this workshop.

Take this opportunity to re-connect and re-new your relationship with our beautiful planet Earth. We are the guardians of this planet. Be a voice for nature and create a greater awareness in yourself and our species. By doing this we make the world a better home for Everyone. 


- Receive free Oribel's e-book Messages from the Living Library 

- Practice a simple and profound exercise given by the Two Whales to Oribel in 2016

You will leave the outdoor classroom with the knowledge and practice of using life-long tools, ancient tools, of communicating with sentient beings, you will gain clarity, confidence and trust in yourself, renewed hope in creating a thriving earth in these changing times


Messages from Earth Mother/Gaia and the Trees in Chiang Mai