step into the light,  step into A new life
Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

 October through December 2017
Events may be added or deleted without notice.  Please visit this page regularly.



Oct. 4th, Wednesday.   Step Into a New Life:  Introduction, Meditation and Healing.    Event

Oct. 7th, Saturday.    Book Study Group:  Messages from the Living Earth.   Meet Up

Oct. 21st, Saturday    Agnihotra at sunset      Practice and Sharing


Nov. 1st, Wed.  Channeling Your Higher Self.     Workshop

Nov. 4th Saturday.   Study Group:  Messages from the Living Library.     Meet Up

Nov. 4th Saturday,  Past Lives and Mining the Akash.   Workshop

Nov. 10th,  Friday.  Be A Pet Whisperer - Day 1 of 2.     Workshop

Nov. 11th, Saturday,    Be a Pet Whisperer - Day 2 of 2.

Nov. 19th, Sunday,  Be a Nature Whisperer -     Workshop

Nov. 18th, Saturday.   Agnihotra at sunset.     Practice and Sharing


Dec. 2nd,  Saturday.   Study Group:  Messages from the Living Library.     Meet Up

Dec. 20th,  Saturday.   Agnihotra at sunset.    Practice and Sharing


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Oribel Joy Divine