Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

Transformational Partnership between the Higher Consciousness and Divine Healing Intelligence of your Cellular Structure


Payment in SGD

Please use the Pay Now buttons below to make an on-line payment after you've registered and the first appointment has been set up.  Payments are made prior to the day of the appointment.  Room charges are at client's expense and to be paid in cash on day of consultation.

First appointment - S$180 + S$30 for consultation room

Pre-therapy consultation - up to 50 minutes 

Distant Therapy, while you sleep - up to 45 minutes

Post-therapy email and Consultation - upto 25 minutes 

All consultations are done over the phone or Skype chat.

Pre-therapy consultation can take place in a private consultation room at an extra charge at client's expense.


Maintenance Therapy with Consultation - S$100 

Distant Therapy, while you sleep - up to 30 minutes

Post therapy email and Consultation - up to 20 minutes

All consultations are done over the phone or Skype chat.

If client wishes to have a longer consultation, pls. refer to the fees on this page.


Maintenance Therapy without Consultation - S$65

Distant Therapy, while you sleep - up to 30 minutes

Oribel sends an email following each therapy session.


25-minute Consultation  - S$50


50-minute Consultation - S$100


Consultation Room Booking Fee - 25-minute  S$15

Consultation Room Booking Fee - 50-minute  S$30

Pay in cash for the room booking fee in person on day of consultation before consultation begins.