Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

Reunite with Your Own Divine Guiding System

Wednesday, December 17, 2017
4.00pm - 6.30pm
Qi New Age @ 42 Kandahar St.
Fee:  SGD $111


Workshop Contents

  • The Creation Story
  • Who the Higher Self is and its Role
  • Re-unite, Communicate and Integrate with Your Higher Self
  • Activate your Pineal Gland
  • The Daily Practice 
  • The Most Important Question to Ask
  • Learn how to best align to your Divinity
  • Open to Messages from Your Higher Self

Handouts provided

You are a Spiritual being having a human experience.  And the Higher-Self is the core source of your divinity.  It is also the identity of your soul, and, therefore, it is the same one each time you incarnate as a human being on Earth.

In this step-by-step approach to establishing communication with your Higher Self, you will learn to seek its advice, and follow its guidance.  You will fall in love with your Higher Self and experience a sense of belonging that infuses you with the Inner Guidance and Inner Wisdom that has always been available to you but not yet fully realised.  This is the time for that realisation. 

Awaken to your I AM Presence and be awakened to a higher consciousness.  You will have the ability to align to your Source Energy, the god inside.  And you will feel a purpose for your being here at this time.

You will learn how to:

- raise your frequency to better tune yourself to your Higher Self

- receive messages and guidance for yourself

- recognise your divine guidance from your own thoughts

- align with qualities of your Higher Self for more peace in your life

Being in partnership with your Higher Self is the most important aspect of your spiritual journey.  And when you take action with the messages you received from your Higher Self, you will experience amazing benefits.  Here is the list of possible benefits:

  • receive the highest direct personal guidance and clarity
  • discover and fulfill your soul purpose
  • feel the love for you, from you, to you and through you
  • experience synchronicities
  • be in the right place at the right time
  • know how to navigate and overcome life challenges
  • improve your relationships
  • create a more powerful healer, reader, teacher in you
  • receive the new tools, new ways that work in the new energy
  • make the highest choices for yourself
  • receive solutions and answers
  • receive inspiration
  • maintain your balance and have inner peace
  • discover your life lessons
  • know how to love and nurture yourself
  • you raise your frequency
  • you replace struggle with joy
and many others....


This is a great workshop in learning to connect/channel one’s Higher Self. ❤️. Thank you Oribel for being my guide in connecting with my Higher Self. It is the best and most profound experience in my spiritual journey thus far!

Namaste, Jo