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Oribel Joy Divine. 

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

Channel Your Higher Self

CHANNEL YOUR HIGHER SELF is a mastery class dedicated to re-uniting you with your own divine guiding system.  And the Higher-Self is the core source of your divinity.  It is the Future Self you are evolving into when you are fully integrated.  It wants to guide your Ego Self, Lower Self, Wounded Self, Conditioned Self into becoming the New Human.

In this step-by-step approach to establishing communication with your Higher Self, you will learn to seek its advice, and follow its guidance.  You will fall in love with your Higher Self and experience a sense of belonging that infuses you with the Inner Guidance and Inner Wisdom that has always been available to you but not yet fully realised.  This is the time for that realisation. 

Awaken to your I AM Presence and be awakened to a higher consciousness.  You will have the ability to align to your Source Energy, the god inside.  And you will feel a purpose for your being here at this time.

What to expect in this mastery class

  • The Creation Story - Your Divine DNA
  • Who the Higher Self is and its Role
  • Re-unite, Communicate and integrate with Your Higher Self
  • Activate your Pineal Gland and DNA
  • The Daily Practice 
  • The Most Important Question to Ask
  • Discover how to best align to your Divinity
  • Open to Messages from Your Higher Self
  • Create affirmations and intentions perfect for you and your situation
  • Receive your signature toning frequency to help you harmonize and balance
  • Quantum jump for full integration with your Higher Self

At the end of this journey, you will

  • experience alignment with your Higher Self
  • receive messages and guidance for yourself
  • recognise your divine guidance from your own thoughts
  • vibrate in the frequency of your Higher Self for more peace in your life

Receive an MP3 for the Quantum Jumping meditation after the class.  This will be sent via email.

Embodying your Higher Self is the most important aspect of your spiritual journey.  And when you take action with the messages you receive from your Higher Self, you will experience these amazing benefits:

  • receive the highest direct personal guidance and clarity
  • discover and fulfill your soul purpose
  • feel the love for you, from you, to you and through you
  • experience synchronicities
  • be in the right place at the right time
  • know how to navigate and overcome life challenges
  • improve your relationships
  • create a more powerful healer, reader, teacher in you
  • receive the new tools, new ways that work in the new energy
  • make the highest choices for yourself
  • receive solutions and answers
  • receive inspiration
  • maintain your balance and have inner peace
  • discover your life lessons
  • know how to love and nurture yourself
  • you raise your frequency
  • you replace struggle with joy
and many others....


"This is a great workshop in learning to connect/channel one’s Higher Self. ❤️. Thank you Oribel for being my guide in connecting with my Higher Self. It is the best and most profound experience in my spiritual journey thus far!"  -  Namaste, Jo

"The class provides a supportive and conducive environment to help to connect to one's higher self. I appreciate how it is transformative in a subtle and gentle manner, yet still grounded and practical. Thank you Oribel for being a wonderful teacher in helping me to connect with my Higher Self."

-  Keith

"The workshop was enriching. I was able to connect to my higher self with Oribel's help.  It was an eye opener for me. Thank you Oribel for such a enriching experience." - Bathma

  • Take this journey with the God inside and discover your true Divine Self.

Channel Your Higher Self
Saturday, July 14

2.00pm - 5.00pm
Qi New Age @ 42 Kandahar St., S198896
Fee:  SGD182

Please REGISTER and PAY at bottom of this page.

REGISTRATION CLOSES May 9 or when class is full. 


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Group Mastery Class - SGD182


Bring a journal, a pen and a highlighter.  You'll be provided with drinking water.  And wear comfortable clothes and a sweater or shawl in case it gets chilly.

Bring a mobile phone with voice recording app.  You will be recording your signature toning.

Basic Essence

#04-04 Cluny Court

Bukit Timah Road

5-minute walk from

Botanic Gardens MRT Station


Qi New Age Store, 42 Kandahar St., S198896

13-minute walk from Bugis MRT station.

Map from streetdirectory.com.

About the Facilitator Oribel Joy Divine

Oribel is a Singapore-based teacher and quantum healer. Her focus is creating mastery classes and tools for others who are on a journey of self-discovery, self-realization, self-balance and self-mastery. Mastery and balance are the key ingredients to reaching our true potential and integrating with our Higher or Divine Self.

She has assisted her clients in their healing journey using a combination of powerful modalities in partnership with their Innate, cellular structure, Higher Self, and Akashic Inheritance.

Oribel is also an author and her first self-published book Messages from the Living Library in 2017 can be purchased on-line on this website. She continues sharing inspiring and uplifting messages from Spirit and Gaia on her Youtube channel Oribel38.