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How to arrange cow patties in the Agnihotra pot

The video you see here was taken of an Agnihotra fire during sunset.  I had just made the rice offering and had the time to take this video.  The fire was at its optimum and there was complete combustion.  Hence, all the cow dung patty pieces burnt and turned to ashes, which is the intention if you plan to make Agnihotra ash medicine out of them.

Many have asked if I could share with them how I arrange the patty pieces in the pot as they too want to experience a good fire like this one in the video.  And so I decided to take photos of the patty arrangement I usually prepare for my Agnihotra.  It was through experience and observations that I discovered the best patty setup in the Agnihotra pot that provides plenty of airflow.  All the images posted here are for purpose of showing the arrangement of the patties only.  There is no ghee and fire involved for this purpose.

Please also refer to Good Agnihotra Experiences if you wish to learn more about how to prepare the patties for Agnihotra and ideal time to burn the patties before the sunset and sunrise timings.

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I prepare the patties before hand by cutting them into strips and squares. It helps to have a Starter piece with a tapered end and this piece will be thin so that when I light it up it will easily burn. If the Starter piece is fairly thick I experience a longer time for the piece to light up enough for me to place it in the center of the pot.

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I place the square Base piece at the bottom of the pot. If I’m left with smaller pieces I’ll combine a few to create the Base for the pot.

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I place 2 pieces of long strips across the pot, making sure the 4 corners of the pot are not blocked. This is to ensure airflow. The height is about 1cm above the Base piece, thus creating airflow. This is the first layer of patties.

The distance between the first layer of patty strips and the Base piece can be wider. This is okay. Because the longer the strips are the higher they will sit in the pot. What's important is that there is a gap so as to create airflow.

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For the second layer, I place the remaining two pieces across the first layer. These can be shorter pieces. Once again, I make sure that the pieces don’t block the 4 corners of the pot.

If I wish to have more Agnihotra ash I can prepare more patty strips and continue adding on more layers of patties, two strips for each layer until I’m happy with the amount of patties. And at all times the 4 corners of the pot are left unobstructed.

Pls. note that the more layers I create, the deeper the structure is. Therefore I need to prepare a longer Starter piece for the tip to come in contact with the Base piece.

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This is how I place the Starter piece into the center of the pot, of course with tongs when it’s lighted up.

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This is how the pot looks like when all the patty pieces are in place in the pot. For this amount of patties I would start the fire about 4.5 minutes before chanting the Agnihtra mantra. The more patties I use the longer time I need to start the fire.