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AGNIHOTRA - The Planetary Healing Fire


What is Agnihotra?

Agnihotra is a healing fire from the ancient science of Ayurveda. It is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset daily. Anyone in any walk of life can do Agnihotra and heal the atmosphere in his/her own home. Thousands of people all over the world have experienced that Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more full of love. It is a great aid to drug and alcohol deaddiction. Agnihotra also nourishes plant life and neutralizes harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria. It harmonizes the functioning of Prana (life energy) and can be used to purify water resources.

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The Effect of Agnihotra Fire


Agnihotra - The Process

This is.a simple and ecoonomical technique to effectively solve problems of different nature such as physical, mental and emotional health, plagues and diseases in agriculture and livestock, harmonizing the environment, achieving equilibrium in the eco-systems, clears up pollution, and so much more.

When practiced correctly and daily, healing takes place on all levels.