Oribel Joy Divine

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

1-on-1 Skype Lessons with Oribel

You can be anywhere in the world

If you have a pet or if you don't, you can still learn animal communication.


There are no restrictions.  All of us have these two abilities - telepathy and intuition.  So let's begin using these 'muscles' that we've ignored or stop using.

Learn animal communication from Oribel who shares her philosophy on creating a win-win relationship with your beloved furry kids.  And get ready to expand your consciousness when communicating with wild animals, in captivity or in their natural environment.

In two short lessons receive the key components, tools and insights to this heart-based and energetic form of communication.  And understand how the pet energy works so you are better equipped to help the animals and their humans, and the different kingdoms.

Facilitator:  Oribel Joy Divine

 SKYPE LESSON 1  (3 hours)
 SKYPE LESSON 2  (3 hours)
 Discourse - purpose of animals and their origin
 About pets' illnesses and what they represent
 Awaken the new attributes in your DNA for your 
 journey with the animal kingdom
 How to assist animals who are transitioning
 Your consciousness and its effect on animals
 Communing with pets who have passed on
 How animal communication works in the new energy
 and mastery of it
 Pet reincarnation.  Can it happen?  Better still, how 
 does it happen?
 The do's and don'ts in animal communication
 Healing with Archangel Ariel and the Devas - 
 Initiation and practice
 How to communicate instructions successfully and
 how to listen with your heart
 Exercises with your pet(s) and other people's pets
 Exercises with other people's pets and your pet(s)
 Commune with the collective consciousness of 
 animals in the wild and other nature kingdoms
 Practice remote viewing and learn balancing 
 Listen to more pet stories 
 Listen to pet stories
 Case studies on common pet issues and resolution

  1. Payment to be made via on-line credit card or your Paypal account.
  2. Payment must be received at least 2 weeks prior to Lesson 1
  3. A printed student manual and a Welcome Letter will be mailed or airmailed to you in your country of location.

Private Tuition Fee
USD $410.00
  or  SGD $560


What you need

  1. A computer or lap top with FaceTime (Mac) or Skype application
  2. A quiet space, indoors, for you and your computer/lap top for our lessons
  3. No disturbances or interruptions during the lessons


  • Pets are not allowed at these tutorials as you will be learning how to commune with them energetically using their photos.
  • Other requirement details will be provided to you upon registration

What you will receive

  1. A detailed student manual (via mail or airmail)
  2. Lots of guidance and encouragement from Oribel
  3. A certificate of completion at the end of your journey, which will be airmailed to you when you complete Lesson 2.

Next step  -  BOOK YOUR SPOT

If you'd like to engage Oribel's private tutorial via Skype, please register below and let us know your country of location and a few other details.  Oribel will respond to you directly.

Thank you for deciding to take this journey in re-discovering your telepathy and intuitive abilities. Your form is on its way to Oribel's inbox. She will get back to you within 2 to 3 days from now.

Wishing you a remarkable day.

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