Oribel Joy Divine

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections.

We create new history for the planet when we create new systems
that honor Gaia and humanity.   -   Oribel Joy Divine 


Gaia and You Workshop

Renew your relationship with Gaia Mother Earth.  Learn practical tools to further enhance the connection and communication between the human being and the natural world.  This is a wisdom-centered and heart-based alliance with our beautiful planet.


Animal Communication
Skype Lessons

From the comfort of your home, in any country, study with Oribel the art of communicating with your pets and the animal kingdom.


Study Group -
Messages from the Living Library

What does nature want humans to know? Watch videos with their messages which are sometimes inspiring and uplifting, and sometimes heart breaking.


Messages from the Living Library
a book by Oribel Joy Divine


For humans awakening to a bigger and personal spirituality.