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Learn how to communicate with your pets in this amazing weekend workshop.  Limited time?  Then signup for a 6-hour private tutorial.

If connecting with nature is your bliss, then our  Nature Communication workshop will delight you endlessly.  Learn valuable insights and tools from these amazing workshops.  Reconnect with Mother Earth. An amazing experience not to be missed!

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Relax as you receive the healing energies of Angelic Reiki.  It's a multi-dimensional treatment that's transformational for both humans and animals.

If your pets need help in crossing-over, engage Oribel's pet consultation services.  Her communion with your beloved pets can help fulfill their last wishes and help convey their loving messages to you.

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Online video is a powerful and effective marketing tool for you and your work.  It is the ultimate journey for our senses.  And it will help open doors for you and your holistic or spiritual business in so many ways.  Come and explore the endless possibilities!

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Oribel and her students commune with the flora and fauna to bring their messages to the greater community.

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This 925 sterling silver collection is divinely designed and crafted in Bali and now available in Singapore and shipment to you wherever you may be.  Discover what the 6 symbols are that are a reflection of your divinity.

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" We are here for each other.
Always remember this:
We are here for each other. "
- The Sun - 

I am excited about the upcoming HEART MIND BODY FESTIVAL that's taking place in Singapore, between 
April 25th through 27th.

I'll be at booth B5 under the banner THE LIVING EARTH SPEAKS.  I will be showcasing my ANIMAL AND NATURE COMMUNICATION workshops and introducing THE LIVIING TREE ORCHID ESSENCES for pets, their owners, and for Lightworkers who are on a conscious path of excercising the energies of COMPASSION and ONENESS on their journey.

Here is the link to my new website where I showcase my offerings at the festival:

So please remember to mark your calendar:


I look forward to see you.  Until my next update, fall madly in love with yourself.