Oribel Divine

Where there is peace and harmony, there you will find heart connections. 

The future of humanity and the future of our planet are not separate.  What happens to one affects the other.    It is time for both to come together to co-create a new humanity, a new earth that thrives and supports the whole. 
We are all in this together.  -  Oribel

Bali Gaia Retreat March 2015 with Special Guest KRYON / Lee Carroll


Upcoming Events

Raja Kayu or King of All Woods

Talk and Sale of Raja Kayu products

October 26th, Sunday

2.30pm - 4.30pm


Please R.S.V.P. to attend

Talk on Pet Communication & Pet Energy

Sunday, November 29


* Details coming end October

Pet Communication Workshop

Next workshop is scheduled to take place

in January 2015

Nature Communication Workshop

   for Children 

New workshop is scheduled to take

place in January 2015


Creating Heart Connections

You feel the grass under your bare feet and between your toes.  You take deep delicious breaths and give thanks to all that supports you.

You open your heart and crown chakras.  You know that when these two chakras are balanced you activate your intuition.  Your senses are heightened and your communion with nature begins.

The messages flow to you and through you as you allow.  You begin to discover how your intuition works and you recognize your unique process. You trust what you receive. Your relationship with nature deepens and reaches a higher level that's grounded in love and wisdom.

You realize that the world speaks to you through your heart and not your ears.  And you are gradually awakening to your intuitive self.  You are consciously creating heart connections. 

You and Your Animal

You can't wait to 'talk' to your animal friend.  You discover that telepathy and intuition work hand-in-hand when you create a safe and loving space for deep and honest sharing.  

You are overjoyed to learn your animal's likes and dislikes, why it behaves in peculiar ways sometimes, and you successfully resolve a bad habit or two.  And best of all you now know how to communicate with your animal no matter where you are, near or far.  And when your animal is feeling poorly you know what it needs or if it is in pain.

You discover that the more you practice animal communication with your pets, the stronger the messages come through, and you develop trust and gain confidence in your abilities. 

All is well with you and your animal friend.